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2 way sms services


High conversation rate and increased responses


Savvy marketers are returning to interactive SMS marketing for good reasons. Guaranteed cost-effectiveness is a forte that this marketing tool is unbeatable. High conversion rates, easy customization possibility, excellent read rates and increased response frequency are other reasons why 2 Way SMS services is ruling the marketing charts. We are not saying so, statistics are vouching for it.


Here is a sneak peek at the number game:


Drive more customer engagement and sales through Short Code SMS services


Interactive, measurable and immediate, this channel of communication builds an instant rapport with your customers and increases the influence your business has on your target audience. 2 Way SMS not just allows you to promote your business or brand, but helps you interact with your customers as well. Here's how:


How we implement sales pulling 2 Way SMS services


Ranked as the best in 2 Way SMS marketing agencies in Dubai, we boost your 2 Way SMS campaigns with:


Premium SMS short codes


Got any information to sell? Opt for our premium interactive SMS campaign. With this SMS short codes services, businesses enable customers to download content, participate in SMS contests or avail subscriptions. In this format, customers revert to activate or partake in promoted offers.


Standard rate SMS short codes


This 2 Way interactive messaging via short code enables customers to revert via text, but without having to pay any additional charges. The standard rate SMS short codes format is adopted normally for peer to peer communication and is used for purposes other than revenue generation. Hence, this kind of SMS campaign is generally executed to take feedback, conduct opinion polls, collect information, and the like.


SIM hosting


Our SIM hosting services enable enterprises to securely develop a proficient and cost-effective solution to collect data and response from the target audience. We further help you to reach out to more and more of your target audience by sending texts through a dedicated cell-phone number associated with your opted SIM card through our mobile hosting platform.


This method allows you to receive all reverts at one place through your SIM card, which shall also be forwarded to a dedicated email account.


The right team can pull the right leads


With the right resources, abundant experience, and unlimited enthusiasm, our team will ensure a smooth passage for your marketing requirements, no matter how big or small they are.


If you're looking to reach out to your target customers in an interactive and effective way, call us to guide you through our 2 Way SMS services.


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