SMS Marketing

Breakthrough SMS marketing strategies that drive your business way forward

As a tool for personal communication, the importance of text messages may be diminishing slowly, especially with the advent of smartphones, mobile internet and several free chat applications. However, as for business and marketing communications, SMS is still one of the best, simplest and most effective tools to promote business and create brand awareness.

Are you looking for a respectable name to carry out hassle-free SMS marketing for your business? You’ve hit gold! And, that is Wisoft Solutions. We are one of the competitive and reliable SMS marketing agencies in Dubai.

Of all the marketing techniques, why opt for SMS marketing services?

Engaging potential and existing customers alike is an eternal quest for marketing, and text marketing is the technologically sound answer to that quest. If you want your business to make the best of this competitive field, all you have to do is identify the best SMS marketing company in UAE for your specific business needs. Let’s understand the importance of SMS communications in increasing your brand value:

  • Being an easily accessible, simple, and traditional tool for communication, SMS solves a basic marketing problem – that is, attaining maximum reach in a smart and measurable way within a short period of time.
  • SMS marketing offers a cost-effective and dependable option for increasing traffic to your websites.
  • It triggers a higher number of people and if targeted well, can contribute to huge revenue growth for your business or service.

Investing in SMS marketing is indeed a wise move

Having bulk resources at your disposal is not enough in the cut-throat text marketing arena; equally important it is to have a wide database. But even more important is an acute and informed judgment for the right use of the database for a targeted marketing campaign. Our team of experts has the right experience to bring about that right equation for successful and focused SMS marketing campaigns.

Text marketing plays an important role in upholding your business image among your customers. Especially the channel of bulk messaging offers a cost-effective and efficient means to announce:

  • Special promotions
  • Sales
  • Limited time offers
  • Personalized messages
  • Coupon promotions
  • Reminders

To sum it up, message marketing will help you send messages targeting potential customers and also for keeping in touch with your existing customers.

Why choose Wisoft Solutions for your SMS marketing services in Dubai

Our strategy for SMS marketing focuses on reaching the right people, at the right time. We achieve this through:

  • Our bulk messages service: Our expert analysts work with you to create the right environment to reach the highest spread of people likely to make use of your offer, or service.
  • Well thought-out strategy: You can maximize your business potential with the target customer base by timing your messages perfectly. Our team will make this a part of their overall strategy to create the best business possibilities for you.
  • Our approach: We firmly believe that human chain of loyalty can be continued by strengthening the bond between your business and your customers. Our unwavering faith in this approach helps us come up with innovative and practical marketing solutions.

If you want to create a targeted, sharp SMS marketing campaign in Dubai, get in touch with our experts today.


SMS communication for
E-commerce industry

Wisoft makes it possible to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. From order placing and tracking updates to complex marketing and feedback campaigns, Wisoft makes your interactions with the customer better. You can insert attachments and web URLs along with your bulk SMS marketing campaigns.With real-time campaign measurement and optimization your SMS marketing strategy could be transformed to a winning business strategy.

SMS communication for Education industry

SMS marketing offers many opportunities for education industry. It is a great way to reach out to students. Education Institute use this service in many ways like such as new admission invites, event invites etc. Let Wisoft help you make your SMS marketing strategy in Dubai to a winning business strategy.

SMS communication for finance industry

Bulk SMS communication is the quickest way to reach your target audience with the relevant message in the finance industry. Bulk SMS marketing helps you stay in touch with your existing and prospective clients by sending promotional messages, customer feedback, surveys etc. Wisoft Solutions is proud to be the leading bulk SMS communication provider in UAE and across the globe.

SMS communication for Travel industry

Bulk SMS communication for Travel industry is one of the most powerful marketing channels. With text messages, you can approach your customers & send out messages like holiday season offers and coupon code campaigns. Wisoft Solutions is proud to be the leading bulk SMS communication provider in UAE and across the globe.

SMS communication for manufacturing industry

Bulk SMS services are currently the best way to promote the manufacturing industry among the masses. Today, mobile phone is within reach of every individual and also the open and read rate SMS is quite high at 95%. Wisoft Solutions is proud to be the leading bulk SMS communication provider in UAE and across the globe for the Manufacturing industry. We can help you plan and execute bulk SMS marketing for your product launches.

SMS communication for logistics industry

Some of the well known logistics companies use Bulk SMS Technology for sending transit details, updates about picking parcel and tracking records about parcel status, etc. Whether it’s one way marketing SMS or transactional SMS or 2 way SMS, Wisoft Solutions is here to help you with all your bulk SMS requirements.

SMS communication for real estate industry

Real Estate Agents often use Bulk SMS medium to promote property via Campaigns or sending out available property information. Most of the reputed Builders also use this medium to announce their new ready or upcoming projects via bulk SMS. Construction companies widely uses SMS services for new commercial space or residential space availability to their existing buyers or by SMS Campaigns to the masses. Wisoft Solutions is one of the leading bulk SMS service provider in Dubai for the real estate industry.

SMS communication for healthcare industry

SMS provides immediate connection between healthcare providers and patients. Mobile technology holds great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases and lowering healthcare costs. Some of the leading healthcare providers use bulk SMS service for Appointment reminders, Medication expiration reminders, Health and fitness tips etc. Wisoft Solutions can help execute any bulk SMS requirement at an affordable pricing for the healthcare industry.

SMS communication for retail industry

Bulk SMS for retail industry is an intimate channel of communication that businesses can use to increase promotional reach, create greater brand awareness, develop customer loyalty and achieve better response rates. With bulk SMS for retail marketing, your message goes directly to your customer, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Wisoft Solutions can help you with any bulk SMS service requirement for the retail industry in Dubai and abroad.