Instagram Marketing

If your business is not on Instagram, you are definitely losing out on a gold mine. Connect with your customers today.



Did you know as of 2018, there were 800 million monthly users on Instagram and off the lot approximately 400 million are active every month? That is above 50% active users at any given point in time.


Instagram is probably the only Social Media Platform achieving that ratio. Now you can imagine why Instagram Marketing is one of the most preferred platforms for marketing – for both individuals and businesses alike.


  • 150 million daily active users
  • 100+ million posts per day
  • 5 billion likes per day
  • 33% of Internet users are on Instagram
  • 25 minutes per day is the average time user spends on Instagram
  • 5X faster growth, in no of users, than any other social platform
  • 50% of all major brands are already on Instagram

Instagram engagements are 10 times higher than Facebook, 54 times higher than Pinterest and 84 higher than Twitter.

If your Business is not on Instagram, you are definitely losing on a gold mine!



Connect with customers – While reaching out to focus audience gets challenging on Facebook and Twitter, Instagram offers a unique proposition to businesses for it has the highest engagement rates. Connecting and interacting with your targeted customers is effective on Instagram.

Learn what people like – With Instagram, it is easier to gauge your customer’s likes and dislikes which are based on their engagement and interactions on your business account.

Reach new audiences – Instagram makes it uncomplicated to discover new people, new photos, and new businesses using Instagram Hashtags

Synergy with other marketing channels – Instagram content can be posted across marketing channels including other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook.

Generate sales – Visual promotions are highly engaging in nature. Creating professional-looking high quality images of your products and services on your Instagram accounts results in enhanced engagement, which driving sales.


WiSoft are a data intensive digital marketing agency with proven record. Our primary goal is to develop strategies that are customised for individual clients based on their marketing objectives. We at WiSoft promote your business Instagram to targeted audience based on their demographics. Some of the key factors in focused reach out plans include – interests, location, sex and many more.


WiSoft’s Instagram marketing services commences from understanding your target niche and audience. When you touch base with us, our Instagram marketing expert just listens to your requirement based on which we strategize your marketing plan. All out execution plans are focused on targeted reach out and engagement enhancement.


Consistency in execution of strategies is the key to success in Instagram marketing. Our focus is to reach out to prospects on a daily basis, while building following and interactions. Over a period of time, you will notice the results for sure.


For faster organic growth, our entire marketing spotlight goes into exposing your account to active and pertinent users across Instagram.


Data extraction and contiguous optimization of marketing efforts is one of the keys unlocking success on Instagram. We assure constant and comprehensive Reporting and Analytics for all activities we undertake.


We manage your Instagram account from start to end. Our only objective is to focus on building your Instagram account, while increasing account following and putting up the right number of quality posts for improving engagement.

Instagram demands brands to have engaging, trendy and best quality images/creatives on their profile for better engagement. We recognize your customer demands and present services that suit every need. The content that we craft is sent to you for approval before they go live on your Instagram account.
Without data driven planning and execution, everything else marketing is futile. Same is the case in Instagram Marketing. We undertake comprehensive and consistent reporting in an effort to provide you with clear insights about how your Instagram account has built customers online.

Once you are onboard, be sure you have our ears to listen to your queries and concerns in the form of a dedicated Instagram marketing expect by your side.

Looking to put your business growth on fast track? Instagram is the platform you should target and we can definitely partner with you to assist in your endeavour. Connect with us.