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  Influencer marketing is acquiring marketing assistance of individual or brands that possess large following on the internet, especially on the social media, to promote your brand in the same niche as yours.   It is very evident that most of your customers are shifting towards social media, primarily for the number of people joining them on a daily basis. While this shift has already happened, most of your customers may look at fellow social media member to inform them of their purchasing decisions.   Instead of looking directly at businesses, as they did in the past, many social media users are now being influenced by either their favorite personalities or other influencers to help with their purchase decisions. Most of these influencers are constantly consolidating immense followings on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, SnapChat and other social media platforms.    


WiSoft boast to have a deep and long association with some of the top YouTuber bloggers, Instagrammers, Social Influencers, Lifestyle Bloggers, SnapChat Influencers and more.   We are highly Performance Driven and we constantly measure our delivery against the goals set for any influencer campaign run by us. With tracking metrics and insights into campaigns, we optimize them almost instantly to enhance reach and thus the ROI.   We are extremely conversions and ROI driven, the hint of which can be seen in the way we engineer and execute Influencer marketing campaigns.   We build sponsored video campaigns that have a genuine impact on your targeted audience. Reaching millions of likeminded and passionate fans is a walk in the park with us. With us you are assured of growth in sales and awareness of your brand.   We have created and continue to craft compelling, captivating, viral and ROI focused Influencer campaigns time and time again irrespective of the size of brands associated with us. As one of the best digital marketing companies in Dubai,  we will help you with your consistent participation on various groups in order to establish authority in the niche, while making connections in the way.