Facebook Marketing

Facebook offers a concrete marketing opportunity for businesses to enhance their ROIs.


The unprecedented growth of social media has given businesses a new sense of opportunities. Off the entire social media platforms, Facebook has continued to stand tall and has become a place to be for all kinds of businesses – small, medium and large.


Offering organic reach to targeted ads, Facebook has become a platform that every business should consider being on. Regardless of your platform or the type of industry you are in, Facebook is assorted enough to offer a concrete marketing opportunity for businesses to enhance their ROIs.


Disregarding Facebook as a precious part of your digital marketing campaigns can damage your online business when organization just like yours are using it, and garnering the benefits 24X7.


With over 1.7 billion active users & over 900 million signing in every day, if you are not here, you are nowhere.


Facebook marketing covers almost the entire gambit of marketing including – Advertisement, Campaign management, Customer engagement, Customer feedback, Organic reach out, Reputation management, Customer behaviour Analysis and much more. For all kinds of businesses, Facebook marketing has become the need of the hour as it can assist you in many fronts.


Facebook is an ideal platform to build a persona around your business. Facebook for many years have been the primary social media platform utilized by many businesses in their attempts to build a recognizable persona around their brand. We will help you build your business’s identity, while enhancing awareness around it. With our combination of organic and paid targeted reach out plans be assured of increased brand awareness and reputation for your product and services. Our goal is to make you the go-to brand for what your target audience seek.


Facebook offers a unique proposition to businesses in increasing their presence on social media while building sales. We at WiSoft fire all our cylinders to increase visibility for your brand, product and services, while enhancing lead generation and thus sales.


Consistent engagement with your customers, while receiving feedback in real-time is key to succeeding on Facebook. Our daily compelling posts ensures your business is on right track with respect to customer engagement. Enhanced experience of your customers with you is our sole goal.


Advertising on Facebook is definitely the fastest way to reach out to your target audience. We help our clients in engineering Facebook sales funnels along with tailored campaigns, ad-copies, landing pages etc to meet your business objectives. From generating leads and following to your page to sales conversions, our customized ad campaigns on Facebook are a must try. We consistently leverage on the wide range of content promotions that Facebook offers.


Wisoft pride ourselves to be a data driven digital marketing company and we passion ourselves to be a client ROI intensive organization. As a conversion focused company, our Facebook campaigns, organic or paid ads, are always targeted towards focussed audience.


We assure high quality and expert assisted services, no matter where you are and what you do, we deliver results consistently.


Wisoft offer a wide range of Facebook Marketing services that primarily include –


Facebook audits and recommendations

Facebook persona creation and page setup

Creative ideation & creation for both organic posts and paid ads

Ad copies – ideation, creation to monitoring and reporting

Ad campaign monitoring, optimization and reporting

Content creation – textual, images and videos

Facebook outsourcing – Customer interaction and engagement services

Organic posts – plan, create and execute

Dedicated Facebook marketing expert all along your journey with us

Let our dedicated digital marketing experts plan, strategize and manage your business’ Facebook marketing campaigns, so you can focus on doing what you do best: managing your awesome online business.