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Short attention spans coupled with blazing fast internet speeds have led to the rise of hyper short video formats. Yes, we live in a world where videos that are a only few seconds long have become the norm. Social media dominates internet usage these days and the meteoric rise of short video formats means that they will soon be the go-to pastime for all humans that use social media.

It all started with Vine, and then TikTok followed suit, and now every single social media site has its own version of it. The latest to join the foray is YouTube with their iteration, YouTube shorts video is aimed at new content creators and businesses. YouTube Shorts is made in the same style as other short video formats and comes simply as an addition to the ever-growing universe of YouTube.

So, what does this mean for small and big businesses? Can they use YouTube shorts as a form of marketing? Is it too late to get in? We are here to help you answer these questions and more.

The Trend of Short Videos

TikTok was launched in late 2016 and did not gain traction till 2019. But as of last year, it is the fastest-growing mobile platform in the world. The format is addicting, it is cool and trendy. Users can swipe through an endless feed of short videos, which are pushed to your feed via an algorithm. You can also subscribe to your favourite content creators, explore other videos, hashtags, songs, and even remix other videos. YouTube Shorts basically follows the same concept.

The trend of short videos was ignited by Vine in late 2012 and since then has been a mainstay in social media. Today videos on social media platforms rarely exceed a minute in length and the speed of these videos does not seem to be an issue anymore. A lot of brands have understood that this format is here to stay and have capitalized on it. They have made extensive strides in growth and influence. As a result, a lot of brands have started utilizing short videos to promote their products and services.   

Why YouTube Shorts Will be the Next Best Thing?

If you know YouTube, the answer is quite simple, after Facebook and Instagram, it remains the most used social media platform in the world. Despite the fact that YouTube is more of a video publishing platform than a social media site, it still has elements that can be used to incite a social discussion. The YouTube community is far more focused than any other social media platform. YouTube Shorts is an attempt to sway its users into a new segment. The formula has been tried and tested. It has been proven to retain users and get new ones.

It is no wonder that every social platform is aiming to replicate the success of TikTok and YouTube Shorts is the next one to attempt it in the same vein. It also represents a unique opportunity for businesses to enter, explore and expand their brand footprint. They can be among the first to capitalize on the popularity of the segment, promote their brand, showcase their products and services, and gather followers. The YouTube shorts app adds a new edge in the hyper-competitive world of social media marketing. So how does it work? Let’s take a closer look.

How YouTube Shorts Work?

Short videos as we already discussed are very popular. For YouTube Shorts, it will still be a part of YouTube itself. It can be found inside the YouTube app in a carousel-like window on the home page of the application. The app itself has a multisegmented camera, a huge selection of music tracks, and a captioning tool to help creators extract the maximum out of the application.

In short, quite literally, YouTube’s take on short video format feels very much like any other clone. So how does it set itself apart? Through YouTube’s extensive video library, of course. Lest we forget, YouTube shorts video is still very much a part of YouTube. The idea is to remix videos and there is no better place to do that than YouTube.

YouTube shorts allows users to also effectively use any sound or video clip on the application as the background for their own “Short”. This strategy helps keep everything inside YouTube. What we mean by this is that on other applications, people often like a song and head out of the app to find out which song it is. On YouTube, you can directly go to the source, thus keeping it a closed loop. This allows the user to stay on the application and interact with Shorts for a longer period of time.

Leading and Following: What Makes Shorts Great for Businesses?

As experts in social media marketing, we believe that getting into a trend before anyone else can pay superb dividends. YouTube Shorts is one such avenue. People use YouTube for anything and everything. From learning a new language to watching their favourite bloggers go about their day-to-day activities, there is room for all kinds of activities. In a similar style, Shorts aims to ignite new creators to use YouTube and tap into an ever-growing mass of users.

Businesses can create new videos that use current trends and upload them on Shorts. They can amass a fan following with their work and thereby promote their products effectively. Moreover, they can also enlist the help of a crop of influencers and YouTubers that have a good following on the application to promote their products and services. The power of YouTube shorts video is yet to be fully tested and as something that holds a lot of promise, you can rest assured businesses should definitely look into it.

The MENA Region in Love with YouTube Shorts

If your business is based in the Middle East, it is only natural to be all-in on digital and social media marketing. The UAE and especially Dubai are fast becoming cultural and financial hubs. They attract expatriates from all over the globe and are among the most amazing places in the world. The backbone of this growth is digital. Here every business needs to stay online otherwise they risk being pushed into oblivion. Through the YouTube Shorts app businesses can expect to find new users and entice already existing users. It is a newness that people want and what better way to deliver it than through a refreshed iteration of an already existing idea. 


If your business is looking at the idea of venturing into YouTube shorts, it is a bright one. There are virtually no drawbacks, it is unexplored, the potential is off the charts, and you can be among the first to utilize the application. So, if you are looking forward to incorporating YouTube Shorts into your social strategy, contact us today!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) 

1. Are YouTube Shorts good for you?

YouTube Shorts offers a great opportunity to grow your visibility on the platform, as long as you consistently provide valuable content to your audience. This can help attract more viewers to your channel and potentially boost views on your videos.

2. How are YouTube Shorts recommended to you?

YouTube recommends Shorts based on what viewers have enjoyed before, including the Shorts or channels they've liked. This helps suggest Shorts they're likely to enjoy, considering the topics or themes they watch.

3. Do YouTube Shorts do better than normal videos?

Short videos can work wonders for you in two ways. Firstly, they can serve as a teaser for your longer content, drawing more attention towards your channel and encouraging viewers to explore further. Secondly, YouTube Shorts can boost your visibility by helping you climb higher in recommendations, ultimately reaching a wider audience.

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