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Winning Dubai Expo 2020 with Digital Marketing

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The Dubai Expo 2020 is set to be one of the most impactful events of the year. Having already been delayed and hampered by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Expo is set to finally take place this year. It is an event that brands and digital marketing agencies in Dubai have been looking forward to and is set to help bring in an influx of revenue, approximately 23 billion dollars’ worth of it. The GDP of the UAE is also set to increase by 5.5% through the Expo and the sheer value of its Brand Marketing.

The heavy inflow of cash and the sheer opportunity it presents is something businesses will relish. Small and big businesses alike will be looking to enlist the help of a digital marketing agency in Dubai to help engage in brand marketing and boost their online presence. Businesses must take a close look at various digital marketing services in Dubai and see where their online presence is, compared to their rivals.

The country is expecting over 25 million people to attend the Expo. This colossal figure is critical for any company’s Brand Marketing. The sheer amount of people businesses can be interacting with only helps build their digital brand presence. However, businesses need to plan thoroughly to stay ahead of their competition. Today, we shall take a look at the timeline of your digital marketing strategy and see how you can maximize your brand marketing.

How to best utilize a digital marketing agency in Dubai

The amount of people expected to attend the Dubai Expo 2020 is staggering. Businesses should be prepared to approach Digital marketing agencies in Dubai to help them get the necessary traction. Social media keywords related to Dubai Expo 2020 have already started trending in the UAE and digital marketing agencies in Dubai have their work cut out for them. They simply need to tailor a plan that suits the business and helps them reach the maximum number of people. The spotlight is on the city of Dubai and Brand Marketing cannot be more relevant than at this time.

Digital marketing agencies in Dubai need to start working now and businesses need to have mapped out a plan from yesterday. If your business does not have an online footprint yet, it is time to leverage Digital marketing services in Dubai. It is no longer about looking for superb quality or the right information. Before the Expo kicks off there is a chance that your competition is well ahead of you in terms of Brand Marketing. Local businesses need to understand that this opportunity comes once in a lifetime. They can be selling their products and services to people from across the globe. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai understand the landscape of the region better than anyone else. They can help propel your business to the front of the line. All you need to do is act now!

Expo strategy and survival 

So now that you have decided to contact a Digital marketing agency in Dubai for Brand Marketing, it is time to see what strategy you need to employ. Before we dive in, it is important to consider the fact that you need to be aware of the timeline. The Dubai Expo 2020 can be life-changing. Therefore, we need to demarcate a timeline.


The real work needs to be done before the start of the Dubai Expo 2020. It kicks off in October 2021 and that means your business needs to get in touch with a Digital marketing agency in Dubai today. Your business needs to register on the online marketplace if you wish to conduct business with the Expo community. The marketplace encourages businesses to communicate with buyers and sellers before the start of the event. Enlisting the help of Digital marketing services in Dubai will maximize your Brand Marketing in the online marketplace. If your business manages to do well here, you will be able to dispense more budget for when the Expo kicks off.

Even if you are a business that is not directly involved in the Expo the sheer amount of people that will be present means you can take advantage of the hype. Start your brand marketing today and be at the forefront when people arrive in Dubai.


When the Dubai Expo 2020 kicks off it is time to pull out every stop. As a business, you have already done the brand marketing and your presence has been effectively established. It is now time to showcase deals and offers that will lure customers. These deals should be limited time only and you have to start by exclusively marketing them online. If you have access to the online marketplace, you can post events and leverage the space. However, if you are not using the online marketplace enlisting the help of a Digital marketing agency in Dubai is a great idea.

They will help you create bespoke campaigns, and market yourself better. Digital marketing services in Dubai can also help you boost social media engagement during the Expo. 


Perhaps the most crucial element of starting a business is staying in the game. The Expo is lucrative and a lot of new businesses have popped up over the last year. Once the Expo concludes, a lot of businesses will shut down. The competition will be unsustainable and hence foresight is key. As a business, you need to consult with a digital marketing agency in Dubai about long-term goals and post-Expo planning. Your brand marketing along with a digital marketing agency will be critical for survival.

They will be able to better explain the implications of the Expo’s conclusion and the fast withdrawal of people from the city. It will be hard to match the same figures that you get during the Expo. Therefore, it is best to utilize your Brand Marketing in a way that is sustainable. The idea is to use the Expo to launch your brand into the minds of the people and then capitalize on the momentum. The best Digital marketing services in Dubai often like to employ this two-step strategy to help businesses establish themselves as a leading brand. They are experts at crafting the right image and employing Brand Marketing to cement a business as one of the hallmarks of life for UAE residents.


As one of the best digital marketing agencies in Dubai, Wisoft Solutions can help accelerate your growth as a business while being aware of the implications of driving your business up during a time like this. With careful planning and strategy, you will be able to sustain your business for a long period. Our digital marketing services in Dubai will be able to curate a program that takes into account your needs and will help you establish the ideal brand marketing for your business.

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