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Ways to Build Consumer Trust in E-commerce

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Driving a successful ecommerce business necessitates that consumer believe in your brand. It takes a few seconds for your brand to fail if consumers do not see through on the promise it makes. The reasons for this can be many, ranging from poorly functioning websites to the tone of communication. With the pandemic setting in motion an unprecedented growth in ecommerce, no matter how large or small your brand may be, the core focus of digital marketing efforts in Dubai is largely on building consumer trust for the ecommerce segment. In this article we take a look at some tips that you can work into your branding to keep your consumers coming back for more.

Bridging the trust gap

People want to see quality in the products they purchase. In this regard, the way you present your content will have a significant impact on their buying decisions. One of the most proven ways to keep trust growing is to constantly add fresh and authentic content. Strategize a good content plan that showcases all aspects of your product and services. Collaborating with other brands helps inspire confidence in your brand, while simultaneously reaching a new community of followers. Video content helps audience make a real connect with the product and the core message of the brand. Unpacking videos or demonstration of product features makes viewers believe in the usability of their purchase. As one of the top Digital marketing agencies in Dubai, Wisoft Solutions is adept at going beyond video content and adding the human touch to your messaging: integrating influencers into the branding mix as they add the real-time touch needed to win credibility.

Say it right

There’s always a thin line of difference between what the brand wants to say and what should be told to the customer. When communicating with the public, choosing the ethical route is the way to go. Any communication must respect the identity of the audience they are speaking to. People form relations with other people and experiences, putting brands out of a customer’s mental imagery. Make the effort to go beyond shoving content on people’s faces, and have a conversation with them. Additionally, transparency in what is being said and what is being done is paramount importance, since customers are always on the lookout for brands that go against a commonly agreed goodness. When communication focuses on the human element of the consumer, and not their economic value, it shows in the messaging and creates value.

Accept the failures, celebrate the wins

When a brand openly accepts a fault from their side, it instantly makes the brand look like a real entity. Be aware of your low points and be brave to accept it in front of your audience. This forms a trustworthy bond with your audience that can build a loyal consumer base for the long run.

At the same time, celebrating the wins is even more important. Customers love to read what other customers think or feel after purchasing your products. Customer reviews help all of us decide our purchases and build trust in a brand. Real people sharing their first-hand experience on your website encourages others to move towards checkout.

Have a clear return and exchange policy

All the video content in the world cannot make up for the real experience a customer will have when they receive your product. Sometimes when consumers receive the delivered product, no matter how good it may be, they may not be entirely happy with and want their money back. Before they make a purchase, this apprehension makes them double check a brand’s return policy. You can remove any doubt in the mind of the consumer by having a responsive return and exchange policy, and dedicating a page that clearly mentions it the customer.

Smooth customer journey

Customer purchasing online will have different preferences for making payments. By providing multiple channels for them to complete their transaction, you can ensure a smooth checkout.

A dedicated customer service team should be available to cater to the timely needs of the customers.

A robust and responsive website

A brand website should create the first impressions of the brand in the mind of the consumer. A high-quality, professional website is important for any business setting up an e-commerce business. A website should be free from bugs, load quickly and provide all the information about your business. It helps the customer believe that you deliver professional services.

Ensure you have your security badges and certificates in place so that people can safely transact while making payments online.

 The ‘about us’ page gives all visitors the essential information they need to do business with you. It can give them insights into how your brand operates behind the scenes.

Privacy policy of the brand helps consumer gain trust in your website, so be sure to include that. Additionally, it provides additional content for your website that can be used as an added SEO advantage.

In Conclusion

These are some suggestions to inspire trust in your audience. Building customer trust is an on-going journey that all brands must constantly engage in. To know more about how you can win your customers and improve sales through word of mouth, please do reach out to us.

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