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The recent shift to digitization has been fuelled by growth in internet usage and the pandemic. The latter is the biggest motivator for almost every business around the world to consider moving their operations online. The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the momentum towards digital forms of marketing and businesses across the world have been forced to keep up. B2B solutions had to bear the brunt of this change. Nowadays buyers all over the world prefer to make purchases online and have a preference for digital over real-life interactions. However, a lot of companies have used make-shift solutions to cope with the digital shift. A lot of companies have now realized that the shift to conducting business online is not a trend but the next logical step. This is where conversational marketing types come into play. Conversational marketing involves using an automated or personalized solution to cater to the needs of buyers. There have been a lot of conversational marketing trends coming out of 2022 and for the foreseeable future, they are here to lead the market. More than half of the B2B businesses that shifted operations online have realized the merits of conversational marketing and have decided to adopt solutions based on the same. Some of the best names in delivering digital marketing services in Dubai will insist that you look into conversational marketing and rightfully so.

Why does it make sense in 2022?

So now that the pandemic looks like it is winding down, why should you still look forward to using conversational marketing? The biggest reason would be that it is no longer a trend. Conversational marketing types have become the new way to interact with buyers and the sooner businesses accept this the better off they will be. The fact is that conventional methods of marketing are slowly getting outdated. In a day and age where our attention spans are relatively very short, we want to get hooked on something. Marketing has been following the same principle since its inception. The idea here is that through conversational marketing trends you can lure in buyers by offering a personalized buying experience. But what prevailing trends are expected to come this year? And will 2022 usher in any new trends? Let’s find out.

Our predictions and sentiments for conversational marketing

The following five points reflect our thinking and why as one of the premier digital marketing services in Dubai, we firmly believe in conversational marketing.

The rise of new channels

The truth is despite the shift to digital channels of communications people still prefer the tete-a-tete. This is why supposed pillars of marketing such as E-mails have seen a drastic decline in usage. The sense of communicating with a person directly is unmatched and in times when we were trapped in our own homes, a touch of conversation with a real person meant a big deal. This is the reason why emails are no longer the preferred channel of communications for B2B. Channels such as live chats and video calls are gaining popularity. Live chats have seen an increase in demand by over 35% each year. As businesses shift towards a modern outlook, they will gravitate towards enlisting digital marketing services in Dubai. We believe that live chats will be the way to go.

Streamlining the buyer’s experience

Streamlining processes and removing any unwanted friction from the buying experience is what every business aims for. Heading into 2022, the goal for businesses will be to reduce hassles for buyers. No more redundant and slow web pages, or unwanted forms. Conversational marketing types are relatively new in the space and are not exempt from these issues. If your business is using a conversational marketing system in place, try to retest and see if there are any evident hindrances. The faster you get rid of them the more likely you are to see a customer influx.

Instant responsiveness will be prioritized

We all crave a quick reply. The faster we get answers the more we feel satisfied. This is a general notion that is applicable everywhere. If we are talking to someone, we would like the responses immediately. You should check the reply rates and try to respond to buyer queries as instantaneously as you can. Keeping buyers waiting for hours or even days can mean the difference between them buying your product/service or going to a competitor. Through the various conversational marketing types, you will be able to significantly improve your response time and accrue more customers.

The more the solutions, the better the consumer satisfaction

The good thing about nascent technology is that there is always room to grow. The sheer number of solutions available through one channel will take time to reveal itself. This statement is true for conversational marketing too. A lot of companies have not yet scratched the surface of what conversational marketing tools are capable of. The more time you spend on customizing chatbots and pathways, the more you will be able to appeal to a buyer directly.

AI will be crucial

AI-based chatbots can answer queries that lay outside of conventional chatbot pathways. The ability to do this helps the buyer feel like they are engaging in a direct conversation. AI-based chatbots will be among the key conversational marketing trends for 2022. Buyers are always on the lookout for relevant information and AI can get buyers the relevant information with ease.

Why does it all depend on the buyer?

The buyer is the focal point of any market. As the digital space continues to grow, new conversational marketing types will emerge. They will help take B2B marketing to new heights and perhaps even drive a bigger shift and a new wave of conversational marketing trends. Until that happens, we are certain of the current trends’ capacity and believe they will shape the foreseeable future. For the latest news and updates, follow Wisoft Solutions on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

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