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The Complete Digital Marketing Checklist for Dubai Expo 2020

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The Dubai Expo 2020 has been touted to be the single greatest Expo in the history of mankind. The sheer scale of the Expo is colossal. It is slated to raise the country’s GDP by a whopping 5.5% in a single year. It is going to be a global business event of epic proportions. All kinds of businesses, from small start-ups to multinational corporations are expected to be a part of the Dubai Expo 2020. As the UAE tries to pivot from an oil-based economy to a digital one, this Expo is going to play a crucial role. Therefore, a myriad of tech-based tools along with the right team to deliver solution-centric digital marketing services in Dubai can help reap rewards during this time.

The opportunity that the Dubai Expo 2020 presents is unique. Businesses small and big will be able to interact with people from across the globe. There will be millions of visitors during the Expo and it is a fantastic time to initiate brand marketing with the help of digital marketing agencies in Dubai for your business to gain the necessary traction it needs to take off.

While the challenge might seem overwhelming at first, there is no doubt that it is worth the effort. Now the question remains, how will your business be able to present and attract the masses during this time?   

The Facets of Digital Marketing and Tools in Focus

Businesses should aim to gather as much attention as possible during this time. Their goal should be to generate buzz around their product or service. To ensure success, businesses need to invest in digital marketing services in Dubai, set reachable goals, and use the right tools. Here are a few tools to help you conquer the digital marketing space during the Dubai Expo 2020.


Running a website can be tricky, however, with the right tools and experienced digital marketing agency your first step to brand marketing can be up and ready in no time. Let us take a quick look at a checklist of a few tools you should have in your arsenal.


Content Management Software (CMS) helps you optimize websites in more ways than one. Through this tool, you can ensure that your site is mobile-friendly, you can increase on-page SEO, and handle the quality of content. These tools also allow you to track user behavior and take away key insights, more on that later. 

Landing pages

Landing pages are one of the most widely used lead generation mechanisms when it comes to brand marketing. Every business should utilize landing pages and almost any expert digital marketing agency in Dubai will re-iterate our statement.


Heatmaps are a great way to find out where users like to go on your website. Heatmaps allow you to alter the design of your website based on user preferences. Using heatmaps can help you get the best possible website design for customer interaction in your brand marketing journey. 


Every digital marketing agency in Dubai will swear by the importance of content marketing and SEO. In a lot of ways, content and SEO are perhaps the very foundations that will determine your brand marketing success. Good content is often a great differentiator between businesses that succeeds and ones that fail. The more relevant information you provide, the more people will want to do business with you.

Tools such as content calendars and keyword research are incredibly helpful in enhancing your content. Content calendars like can help you efficiently organize the workflow of your content and even help you get your content strategy in order. Google’s keyword planner is incredibly effective at identifying trends and giving you the best keywords to help your page in SERPs.


Most forms of digital marketing have been enhanced entirely by social media. For brand marketing, we believe that social media works best. Every business big or small should utilize the power of social media to cultivate a wider outreach. Here are two tools that you can use.

Social media calendar

If your business conducts and participates in a lot of events as part of your brand marketing efforts, or you have a flurry of content for social media, a calendar is a must. Coschedule, Buffer, and Hootsuite are just some sites that you can utilize to save some time. They come with detailed guidelines and specialized software to manage social media content and accounts, and are widely-used by businesses and digital marketing agencies in Dubai.

Card validator

Twitter Card Validator and Facebook Sharing Debugger are two tools used to check if the update will reflect well on your social media accounts.


While normally we would condemn the usage of emojis, in the case of social media, it is quite the opposite. We encourage it. An emoji chrome extension is key in helping you enhance the quality of your social media content and overall digital marketing effectiveness.


The vast amount of data available to businesses is mind-boggling. Data science and analytical insights have been key areas of growth in virtually every industry. The widespread usage of the internet has helped furnish mountains of data sets that can be used to analyse your brand marketing performance.

Since a majority of search and marketing trends emerge from Google, it is only natural to use their tools. Google has a suite of data tools. Google Analytics helps you gather the required data set. Google Data Studio helps you visualize the data and interpret it better. Google Trends is useful in finding out the emerging fad. Think with Google is a relatively new tool and increasingly popular among digital marketing agencies in Dubai that can help understand consumer behaviour from across the world.

Lead generation

Acquiring a new customer is much harder than retaining existing ones. Therefore, a special priority should be given to retaining customers. Businesses should look to use email marketing tools and marketing automation tools for optimal efficiency of digital marketing services. Email marketing in particular has perhaps the highest ROI among all other forms of digital marketing, even better than organic search.

You can combine email marketing with automated e-mailing to target audiences better. Businesses can up their brand marketing by using CRM tools such as Pipedrive. CRMs help you manage your customers better.


The aforementioned facets of an online business only work well if businesses utilize the right digital marketing tools. Some of the tools we have covered can drastically help businesses streamline their processes and increase their online presence. On the eve of the Dubai Expo 2020, it is only right that businesses start applying these facets.

For those businesses looking to gain an edge, Wisoft Solutions is you preferred partner for digital marketing services in Dubai and across GCC for global presence. We not only have extensive subject-matter expertise to help you establish a digital presence, but also have the right regional experience to make your impact. Big or small, the Dubai Expo 2020 should be the target for every business. And to succeed, it is imperative to follow the digital marketing checklist, thoroughly.

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