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Social media is a free and simple way to access individuals, communities, or even a niche set of consumers. There are a whole lot of social media marketing tools available to help a small business make effective social media marketing campaigns and drive organic growth. Many of these tools are in-built within the social media app/website, to help monitor consumer engagement on the platform. Social media sites want you to do business on their platform, and they’re making it hassle-free to do so.

Before we begin, it’s important to decide on what kind of metrics matter to you. Sure, at first it may seem that increasing the number of likes and followers on a social media page is a good sign. But does it matter? In the end, a top digital marketing agency in Dubai will tell you why it has little to no value if it doesn’t convert to a sale. So choosing real, value-based metrics will help you make decisions that generate sales. What type of content drives traffic towards your website, or what type of posts are people engaging with, who are your followers? These are indicators that offer feedback on what you’re doing online and whether it’s working.

On social media, you may win the likes of followers, but because people want deeper, personalized experiences in all their interactions, only your style of conversations with them will make them stay on your page. A brand’s tone, voice, content, and personality is what an audience wants to resonate with. Every platform requires your brand to position itself appropriately, so let’s take a look at how different platforms influence a brand’s messaging.

       a) Facebook

Facebook is a great platform for conversations. A cool and casual interaction will get audiences to enjoy your content when it gets embedded into their personal feed. You can experiment with several types of content and see which one gets more engagement, and then plan your future strategy based on the indicators. Consumers following your Facebook page will want regular updates on new products, upcoming promotions or sales, or even hearing about new events and launches. But timing is everything - posting too many times a day can make a user feel like they’re being spammed. This is why social media marketing companies in Dubai recommend an optimal one post per day on Facebook.

       b) Instagram

Here’s a fun fact: almost 70% of enthusiastic shoppers login to Instagram to discover a product. Social media marketing agencies in Dubai will tell you why this is the perfect place for a brand to showcase products, without making it look like advertising, and still make conversions. This is a fun platform for brands to engage with their audience because it offers options like stories, disappearing videos and photos, live videos, and permanent posts. The trick is to stand out by posting high-quality, creative visuals that align with the values of the consumer, because out here people only follow a tribe they share similar values and interests with.

       c) Youtube

Youtube is likely one of the largest consumed social media apps there is – it receives the second most traffic after Google. And for good reason – videos are easy to demonstrate complex ideas, or even drive subtle messages home. It is easy to share and users are more likely to watch a video on how to use a product than to read information about it. This doesn’t mean you have to invest in high-cost video production. Simple phone recordings also work so long as the message is clear. Additionally, SEO-optimized titles and descriptions for the videos can bring in more traffic towards your product, from any related search on the internet.

       d) Twitter

Short and sweet, Twitter is the instant micro-blogging platform for making fast-paced conversations. Announcements, sharing insights, light humor, contests, polls, responding to consumer queries/complaints can all be done on Twitter, in 280 words or less. Since this app sees nearly 5000 tweets per second, it can be easy for a viewer to miss out on your message. Contrary to Facebook, posting more frequently on Twitter will make your brand more noticeable.

       e) LinkedIn

LinkedIn is where you want to network with other professionals to meet your business goals. The ideal content for your brand on this platform will be business-related insights and industry information. Social media marketing agencies in Dubai can help turn your brand into a resourceful and helpful voice for other brands on the platform, by creating informative content. Whatsmore, employees who follow their employer on LinkedIn become representatives of the brand, who can then spread the brand’s reach within their professional network.


As we’ve seen, different apps allow brands to create and express a dynamic personality for diverse users. Inbuilt features help brands achieve a targeted reach and provide instant feedback on several metrics. At Wisoft, we continuously evaluate the performance of your social media strategy by tracking the progress you’re making. We focus on the metrics that you are looking to measure to meet your business goals before you set all out to posting whatever comes your way online. Whether you have just started or stuck half the way on your social media marketing for your brand, we have the right experts who will help you make the choice and help you execute it as well.

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