8 Must-have Instagram Marketing Tools for Digital Agencies

Sep 7 2021 01:09:24 / By Saiyed Mehdi

In the digital world, you have to adapt or you will be left behind. This statement has been the truth for the last few years and has rapidly become a do-or-die statement for brands and agencies alike. The pandemic has further accelerated digital growth and some businesses have flourished during these times.

A lot have suffered too and many reputed names have gone underwater. We can sit and wallow about failed businesses but that is not what we are going to discuss today. Instead, we are going to take a look at how some businesses have thrived during these times. The answer might already be evident. Social media. Yes, during the course of the pandemic, people have grown to love and live by social media. The digital connection remained the only form of communication and it has become more than just a part of our lives.

Today businesses are actively looking to market through social media and in particular through Instagram. The popular social media application has seen a boom in users and it has become the center of attention for a lot of businesses. Through Instagram, businesses can tap into a wide range of audiences. Businesses in the Middle East have seen a sharp rise in social media interaction and a lot of the stars of the app work out of Dubai.

Businesses need to enlist the help of an Instagram marketing agency in Dubai if they wish to truly grow their brand. To do so they need to holistically look at some social media marketing companies in Dubai and determine their value. But is Instagram marketing necessary? We think so.

Why you need Instagram marketing?

Instagram is for the tech-savvy. It has over 800 million active users. Out of this, 60% are between the ages of 18-29. The young crowd is one of the most marketable people you can think of. Businesses need to capitalize on this opportunity. They have to actively use the services of an Instagram marketing agency in Dubai. The reason is simple, they have ample knowledge of the social media landscape in the Middle East. This is crucial for your business to establish its footing and to acquire customers.

For any business to quickly gather customers and to increase their brand value, being present on Instagram is a must. Credibility is established when you run a social media account. The best social media marketing companies in Dubai will help you with strategies, posts, content, and even with interactions.

8 must-have Instagram marketing tools

As a social media marketing agency in Dubai, you will need to have a few tools to help you with Instagram marketing. Listed below are 8 tools that can help you improve your Instagram marketing reach and performance.


The key to good interactions and establishing brand value is by posting regularly. Through Buffer, you can schedule your Instagram posts well in advance. This allows you to thoughtfully plan your Instagram posts and curate a good feed. This tool is made for small businesses and budding entrepreneurs. However, the utility is so good that even the best Instagram marketing agency in Dubai uses Buffer. It has an easy learning curve and a smooth UI that allows even beginners to use it. You also get some analytics to help you plan better. 


A tool and application that can help you track your Instagram’s analytics, monitor real-time engagement, and help you schedule content. Iconosquqare gives you a lot of insights. This can help you modify your marketing campaign and get the best out of it. Their data and metrics can be useful in deciding the type of content that users wish to see. You can also get access to a custom feed for influencers in the industry, which you can then use to identify new trends. The best social media marketing companies in Dubai uses tools like Iconosquare for a good reason.


For agencies that rely heavily on putting out quality content, we know that their blogging site is incredibly important. Blog2Social is a web plugin that gives you access to your social media accounts. You can track all the data for both social media and blogs through this tool. It also eliminates the need for an uploader. A lot of the good Instagram marketing agency in Dubai use this tool to help out informative businesses.


An analytics tool that has been holistically designed to aid social media marketing companies in Dubai, SocialInsider is unique. It provides a slew of raw data that helps you learn more about your audience. It shows how audiences react to certain posts and how they interact with them. This can help you create the right kind of posts and drive interactions through the roof. SocialInsider also allows you to track the competition and gives you a data-driven analysis to help you stay ahead.


A customer relationship management and planning tool for Instagram, Agorapulse is essential in Instagram marketing as you get a ton of features that can help boost engagement. Almost every Instagram marketing agency in Dubai uses Agorapulse since it allows for team functionality so that you can coordinate more efficiently. It also allows you to work with separate entities and leave notes to help with feedback.


One of the hallmarks of a company that is appreciated by people is the number of followers they have on Instagram. There are many ways to increase the number of followers. One key way to do it is by manually going through tons of accounts and following pages and people. This is a time-consuming process and Kicksta is an app that does this for you. Through Kicksta you can look up hashtags, sift through competition, and find your target audience. This AI-based tool is used by a lot of social media marketing companies in Dubai.


A tool designed to help you boost engagement rates, Phlanx is used a lot by influencers. They have a host of audit tools and can also help you the business, find the right influencer for your brand. The tool will also help you promote your campaign across other platforms. You can also filter active and inactive followers and this allows you to have a more dedicated and interactive fanbase. Some of the best Instagram marketing agencies in Dubai use this tool to increase the engagement of brands.


A tool that allows you to create visually aesthetic content for your Instagram feed Later is widely used by every social media marketing company in Dubai. It has a simple drag and drop UI to help you visually assess how the post would look on your feed. The visual planner allows you to curate your posts well in advance. It is a tool specifically designed for smaller businesses. The best part is that it starts off as free and you can pay as you go to access some premium features.

The right tool for you

Each tool has its advantages and disadvantages. There is a reason almost every Instagram marketing agency in Dubai will have an arsenal of tools at their disposal. We would suggest agencies and businesses small and big take a cue out of the pages of any social media marketing company in Dubai, and select tools and applications as per the requirements of your social media channels. Using multiple tools will help you curate a good feed as well as increase your interaction and can enhance social media marketing effectiveness exponentially in the long run.