Businesses conduct raffles sometimes in a bid to reach out to their customers. This helps them interact with their customers and helps the customers benefits something from the brand.

In other uses, raffles are used by brands and non-profit organizations and individuals to raise fund for important events and situations.

Before now, these raffles are conducted physically and end up having hitches as not every customer or volunteer is satisfied with the process.


As the popularity of raffles increased, innovations and developments in the raffle system increased until it is what it is today. Today, raffles systems are developed to sell and issue tickets at the same time administer the data involved in the raffle. This allows for selling of a more significant amount of ticket and efficient conduct of the raffle.


At Wisoft, we develop full customized raffle websites for your brand. We also design and integrate raffle systems into your website to help you conduct your raffles efficiently. Over the years, we’ve succeeded in satisfying hundreds of our happy customers. With our system, you get exactly what you want at the exact turnaround time.

Our online raffle websites are developed on sound ecommerce platforms which strengthens it for purchases of a raffle ticket. With our services, there are options to run multiple raffles at the same time.


No Technical Skills requirement from you as everything is made ready for you.

You get your winners automatically.

There’s no more occurrence of misplaced tickets issues or lost entries. Everything is programmed and organized.

You reach everyone in your target base.

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