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The internet can be a sea of immeasurable business, but think about it, how will you enhance your business performance without targeted advertisements? The fate of your business begins to change when you target the right section of the audience and reach out to them promptly. Wisoft Solution’s well-executed Pay Per Click (PPC) campaigns across Google and Bing can help your business perform better. Read on to know how we do PPC ads that bring measurable results, all the time, every time.


Our 11 step approach to running a result oriented and highly profitable PPC campaign


  1. Understanding business goals: We don’t offer one-size-fits-all Pay Per Click advertising solutions, but tailor-made one based on your business goals and unique requirements. In order to convert the majority of the visits to sales, our experts optimize, monitor and re-optimize your landing pages, and overall website. By applying various techniques, we help you optimize your website relevantly without overstretching your budget.
  2. Ad campaign architecture: Did you know that your AdWord or PPC campaign is already on its way to success if the campaign architecture is well thought-out? There are important pillars of a campaign that must be set up before starting it, such as the right metrics for increasing conversion rate, the scope for optimization, etc. We make sure that your campaign begins on the right note.
  3. Setting up analytics to track conversion goals: We create actionable steps to work towards your conversion goals. Since we work on the internet and our goals are deeply connected to how the customers react to and engage with your website, we use mathematics, statistics, and data analysis to help you understand your position better. This ensures that you make better and timely business decisions.
  4. Monitoring conversion and quality score: Goals have no value unless there is a way to measure our growth towards it. We monitor and manage your Pay Per Click advertising goal of achieving maximum conversion rate on your website. With the technical expertise and field knowledge that our team has, we make sure that your conversion and Quality Score remains high.
  5. Creating new/optimizing existing landing pages: One of the advantages of monitoring data is the head-start it gives you to improve your game-plan. We judge the right move for your website based on two aspects - the real-time response to your website, and the performance of your website.
  6. Determining the best days to run the campaign: The heart of any AdWord or PPC campaign lies in knowing the preferences of your customers. But there is a helpful detail to add to this - the probability of a customer responding positively to your campaign. We analyze your potential customers to give you the best time for launching and running campaigns for maximum reach, reception and response. Remember, in PPC campaigns the “when” factor is as important as the “who” factor.
  7. Determining bid amounts on a keyword level: A matter of judgment, like this one, comes with years of understanding of the market. Our experts with their vast experience in this field can determine the right bid amounts and most importantly, the right keywords. This will save you on cost while increasing the reach and effectiveness of your campaign.
  8. Maintaining daily and monthly budget: It is important to invest wisely in internet dealing, or you won’t know when you are cutting losses even before you’ve made a gain. We ensure that you spend in the right places - your money should be and is spent only on relevant keywords and landing pages that deliver higher ROI. Being a reputed PPC agency in Dubai, we deliver both monthly as well as annual accounts, for your convenience.
  9. Regular A/B testing: This is the best way to eliminate that feeling of “what if!” We consistently run your website through A/B testing so that only the version with the best marketing practices is implemented for your website. This ensures freshness to your page, leading to higher traffic and ultimately better ROI.
  10. Improve conversion optimization: We provide you with constant recommendations to improve your website content and structure to suit your market, customer preference, and budget.
  11. Monthly reporting and re-optimizing: Finally, our detailed engagement with your website gives us the unique, bird’s eye view of your website performance. Through our rigorous data analytics, we will keep improving your website to make it efficient, user-friendly and high on ROI.

Research, analyze and create highly effective PPC campaigns


Through the following specific mechanisms, we ensure that PPC campaign is a good fit for your business needs:


Higher CTR, better conversation, and greater ROI: We deliver what we promise


Ranked as one of the top-notch PPC companies in UAE, we bring together knowledge from various experiences in the field of online marketing. Our diverse experience and thorough technical know-how stand us in good stead when creating the right AdWord campaigns for our clients. We work relentlessly towards making our PPC services in Dubai and around the globe relevant and result-centric. In short, you get the following benefits when you choose the best PPC Company in Dubai:


We can assure that your PPC ads will have all it takes to attract and rope in the right customers. If you are looking for a PPC agency in Dubai that can create highly effective Pay Per Click advertising that hit the demographic spot on, get in touch with our experts without any delay.


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