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Online Reputation Management in Dubai

Online Reputation Management

Do you care enough for your online reputation?


With how completely the internet is taking over the world, the distinction between online and offline is blurring. People do extensive research about products and services before purchasing and employing them. Product, service and company ratings have never been of more importance than it is now. For the continuous growth of your organization, there is simply no way to ignore the need of creating and managing a positive online reputation.


How online reputation matters?


Online reputation matters immensely. More than 70% of prospective customers make buying decisions based on online reputation of organizations. Since there is no proper way of fact checking, anyone can write anything about you. While the positive reviews and ratings are important, it is the negative feedback and comments that must be monitored and addressed swiftly. Negative ratings have a far more damaging impact on product sales than it is assumed.


How is online reputation different than SEO?


Although there are some similarities between online reputation management and search engine optimization (SEO), at an overall level, they are quite different from each other. The techniques employed for both are different. SEO helps in promoting a particular webpage or a website while online reputation management helps in controlling the number of websites that appear in search engine results. Online reputation management aims to showcase your company in the right light. SEO campaigns are typically responsible to get certain pages ranked as high as possible despite what the content is.


How Wisoft can help you?


Wisoft will bring together different techniques in online reputation management like machine learning, search algorithms and crowd-sourcing to understand and manage online conversations from the sentiment and topic perspective. As a part of online reputation management, we will monitor and control:


Our online reputation management solution will enable real time data monitoring and analysis, and send alerts in case of any organizational reputation catastrophes. We will also help you create accurate and positive content to improve your online reputation.


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