Global SMS Platform

Global SMS Platform

Wisoft Solutions enjoys the reputation of being one of the leading companies offering Bulk SMS gateway in Dubai and the UAE. This enviable standing is made possible with the aid of Global SMS Platform and it’s most efficient technology the company uses for SMS marketing campaigns.

What is Global SMS Platform?

Global SMS Platform is Wisoft’s messaging engine for processing high volumes of messages. This high-capacity, scalable platform is loaded with a number of expedient features and can be seamlessly integrated into existing back office systems. Today, through this intelligent, multi-vendor based and secure SMS Platform, Wisoft supports delivery to more than 800 operators across the globe.

This page lists out the main features and benefits of Global SMS Platform in three sections.

  • General features of Global SMS Platform
  • GUI features of the platform
  • Details of the SMS Platform architecture


Bulk SMS gateway has a number of unique features, which make it an absolute favourite with enterprises. They are:

Multi-branch/vendor support

Using the effective message handling techniques and action control systems within the platform, enterprises can establish multi-branch/vendor connectivity for SMS. The platform also enables them to define traffic ratio per branch/vendor. Additionally, the platform allows enterprises to create new users and configure the traffic ratio at any point of time.

Integration with multiple applications

Easy and flawless integration of multiple applications is made possible with Wisoft’s Global SMS Platform. For instance, a number of essential business applications such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Dealer Management Systems can be easily integrated with the middleware of the SMS Platform. This database-oriented middleware facilitates communications with databases and extracts messages from a pre-defined schema. The platform also allows applications to deposit various data required for triggering messages – such as mobile number, message text, scheduled delivery time, etc. – into the Push Message Table.

Multi-protocol supports for message transmission

Unlike many other platforms that support either one or two messaging protocols, Bulk SMS gateway supports multiple protocols such as SMPP, HTTP and HTTPS. This not only offers enterprises the flexibility to choose but also helps them overcome the constraints of time-sensitive SMS campaigns.

Ability to handle high-volume SMS

With its state-of-the-art infrastructure, Wisoft’s scalable and secure Bulk SMS gateway in Dubai has a demonstrated capacity to handle large volumes of SMS. It also has the proven record of maintaining low message delivery latency.

Support for multiple message medium

Global SMS Platform offers support for multiple messaging medium and can send multi-type messages such as:

  • Promotional messages: Bulk Messages sent out to notify customers about promotional events or offers, which include all sales and marketing messages.
  • Transactional messages: Messages that communicate details about a direct transaction, which among other things include bank alerts, responses e-commerce transactions, booking or reservations details and other service messages involving monetary transaction.
  • Unicode messages: Specific bulk messages sent out to user containing characters beyond the normal alphabets.

Assignment of vendor traffic ratio through GUI

Another unique feature of the platform is the use of GUI for assigning vendor traffic ratio. For huge volume transactions, the vendor traffic ratio can be routed through the GUI. This helps reduce the traffic on the mainframe system.

Creation of multiple users

Wisoft’s Global SMS Platform allows creating multiple user accounts that can be attributed to specific vendors.

Carrier specific delineation of vendors

The platform allows enterprises to define their vendors based on the SMS carriers they use.

Pre-emptive automatic routing

The bulk SMS gateway platform is equipped with the intelligence to route messages based on the vendor’s connectivity.

Pre-emptive automatic routing based on the failure ratio

Our SMS gateway platform enables automatic routing of messages based on the failure ratio of the vendor. This feature helps ensure timely delivery of messages.

Timely check on the critical parameters

As one of the sophisticated bulk SMS providers, Wisoft’s SMS platform helps to identify the inactive vendors by checking critical parameters in a timely manner and the platform will perform automatic routing.

Statistical dashboard with reports

The platform is equipped with an advanced dashboard that offers accurate statistics. Users can view reports that show the success rate, failure, and rejections status. They can also view the traffic and performance report on a daily basis. The detailed and summarized reports available are vendor specific.

Split message reports

The reports generated by the SMS gateway Platform include split messages. Split message reports help enterprises to get the exact message count even though a single message is processed in multipart. This report will prove useful at the time of billing.

Compatibility with multiple database

The platform is compatible with four types of database:

  • Oracle 9x+
  • MSSQL 2005/2008
  • DB2

Compatibility with various OS

The Platform is compatible with the following operating systems:

  • Unix/Linux
  • Windows

Multiple DN request protocol supports (SMPP/HTTP)

The delivery notification shows whether the message was successfully delivered or not. The SMS Platform is capable of receiving DN status via SMPP/HTTP protocols.

Auto mail alert mechanism

The platform has an auto-mail alert mechanism which alerts customers via email about database errors, network fluctuations and application server stop. In order to avail this feature, users need to configure their email servers and ids.

Exchange and SMTP email agent support

The mail agents our platform supports are Exchange server and SMTP.

Data Purging Alert

This feature will enable users to receive data purging alerts based on the database table volume. The database table volume is configurable.


The admin privileges of our SMS Platform allow users to:

  • Create branch/ vendor
  • Control traffic allocation ratio of branch/ vendor
  • Use the facility for creating carriers
  • Monitor carrier-specific traffic allocation ratio
  • Create privileged user logins and access message broadcast, maker-checker and view reports
  • View performance dashboards across vendors including message transmission rate, DN receipt rate, latency, message delivery rate
  • View detailed reports and logs

Features that help create flawless message broadcasting

Our Global SMS gateway platform user login allows enterprises to create message broadcasts using the following features:

  • File-based message processing: This feature is useful when sending Bulk SMS. The file with the required details can be placed in a configured directory. Our SMS gateway identifies the file from that directory and processes it automatically, saving your effort and time.
  • Template-based file upload option: Unlike in the file-based message processing, the files will have template values which can be used to create the message.
  • Group-based message processing: Users can group mobile numbers, and messages can be broadcasted to these groups easily.
  • Rule engine: This feature enables a user to define rules of automatic message triggers in SQL with pre-validation, validation and post-validation queries. A user can trigger the rules at specific intervals of time.


We have state-of-the-art architecture that is scalable and can enhance traffic capacity. The architecture consists of

  • Platform that is equipped with multiple cluster servers in Tomcat is scalable
  • The Application comes with Fetcher Module that has multiple processor engine modules
  • The architecture is designed to support SMPP / HTTP / HTTPS APIs for termination of SMS and receipt of DLR


SMS communication for
E-commerce industry

Wisoft makes it possible to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. From order placing and tracking updates to complex marketing and feedback campaigns, Wisoft makes your interactions with the customer better. You can insert attachments and web URLs along with your bulk SMS marketing campaigns.With real-time campaign measurement and optimization your SMS marketing strategy could be transformed to a winning business strategy.

SMS communication for Education industry

SMS marketing offers many opportunities for education industry. It is a great way to reach out to students. Education Institute use this service in many ways like such as new admission invites, event invites etc. Let Wisoft help you make your SMS marketing strategy in Dubai to a winning business strategy.

SMS communication for finance industry

Bulk SMS communication is the quickest way to reach your target audience with the relevant message in the finance industry. Bulk SMS marketing helps you stay in touch with your existing and prospective clients by sending promotional messages, customer feedback, surveys etc. Wisoft Solutions is proud to be the leading bulk SMS communication provider in UAE and across the globe.

SMS communication for Travel industry

Bulk SMS communication for Travel industry is one of the most powerful marketing channels. With text messages, you can approach your customers & send out messages like holiday season offers and coupon code campaigns. Wisoft Solutions is proud to be the leading bulk SMS communication provider in UAE and across the globe.

SMS communication for manufacturing industry

Bulk SMS services are currently the best way to promote the manufacturing industry among the masses. Today, mobile phone is within reach of every individual and also the open and read rate SMS is quite high at 95%. Wisoft Solutions is proud to be the leading bulk SMS communication provider in UAE and across the globe for the Manufacturing industry. We can help you plan and execute bulk SMS marketing for your product launches.

SMS communication for logistics industry

Some of the well known logistics companies use Bulk SMS Technology for sending transit details, updates about picking parcel and tracking records about parcel status, etc. Whether it’s one way marketing SMS or transactional SMS or 2 way SMS, Wisoft Solutions is here to help you with all your bulk SMS requirements.

SMS communication for real estate industry

Real Estate Agents often use Bulk SMS medium to promote property via Campaigns or sending out available property information. Most of the reputed Builders also use this medium to announce their new ready or upcoming projects via bulk SMS. Construction companies widely uses SMS services for new commercial space or residential space availability to their existing buyers or by SMS Campaigns to the masses. Wisoft Solutions is one of the leading bulk SMS service provider in Dubai for the real estate industry.

SMS communication for healthcare industry

SMS provides immediate connection between healthcare providers and patients. Mobile technology holds great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases and lowering healthcare costs. Some of the leading healthcare providers use bulk SMS service for Appointment reminders, Medication expiration reminders, Health and fitness tips etc. Wisoft Solutions can help execute any bulk SMS requirement at an affordable pricing for the healthcare industry.

SMS communication for retail industry

Bulk SMS for retail industry is an intimate channel of communication that businesses can use to increase promotional reach, create greater brand awareness, develop customer loyalty and achieve better response rates. With bulk SMS for retail marketing, your message goes directly to your customer, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Wisoft Solutions can help you with any bulk SMS service requirement for the retail industry in Dubai and abroad.