Essential SEO for Personal Care Marketing

Mar 21 2021 06:03:17 / By Saiyed Mehdi

Have you noticed that your brand has a loyal fan club, willing to swear by all your products on the shelf? Yet despite all the raving, you do not see the tribe grow bigger? This is when your brand needs a little SEO boost.

Attracting new customers to your website is vital to improving your product marketing. SEO is the most cost-effective strategy you can use to focus on new consumers looking for your product. In this article, we’ll take you through the top 10 strategies used by SEO agencies in Dubai, to help beauty brands crawl up the rankings and become a number one choice for consumers.

1. Begin by finding the Consumer Persona

Your product appeals to specific buyers, so we need to truly understand their buying decisions. With thorough research you can identify the persona of buyers and draft a picture of the target market. For example,

  • Price-consciousness - are they willing to spend more than the average person,
  • Do they care about ingredients more than the price
  • The ideal young audience
  • Ideal target group for social media

A qualitative study of your consumer will help you understand buyer emotions, so you can focus on communicating with them using SEO optimised content.

2. Perform Competitive Benchmarking

An experienced SEO service in Dubai will differentiate your brand from competitors, and help keep that edge over time. Here are some metrics to measure the competition and compare with your approach:

  • Examine competitors’ online presence and how they engage with social media audience, to see how your brand can perform differently
  • Observe competitor position in the market
  • Understand pricing differentials
  • Follow what customers are looking for by checking reviews of competitor brands
  • Look for keywords to include in your SEO strategy. 

3. Chart down Industry Keywords

Dedicated SEO agencies in Dubai constantly watch out for keywords that work in your industry. This helps in real-time targeting of your products for different markets, therefore optimising your operations and growing your revenue.

4. Research Keyword Phrases

Keyword phrases, or a long-tail keyword, are keywords longer than 3-4 words. A specialised SEO Agency in Dubai, instead of thinking keywords only, will help you think of sentences a person might type in Google that can lead them to your product. Such keyword phrases are specific to defining your beauty brand, which means it is not competing with a competitor brand’s message. Using long-tail keywords in your content attracts relevant traffic to your brand and can yield better revenue.

5. The Keyword is in the Product

Your product page should contain keywords directly related to the product. These keywords define your product and the benefits it may have for the user. Therefore, it is important to make a list of words that will bring them to your product from a search result, and frequently use it in your product title or product description on the website.

Writing a product description is your chance to persuade a person into becoming a potential buyer.  Think of the buyer persona developed for your brand, and write a description for them. How will the product benefit the buyer? Use all the long-tail and short-tail keywords in your description, so a Google search can direct more users to the product.

Writing product titles are equally important because it’s the first thing a user notices. Give as many details about the product in the title, for example, is it a hair cream or a perfume, what are the ingredients, or scent. Include of other terms users search for to find a product, like, “shampoo for frizzy hair”, etc.

6. Ensure a Secure Website

A secure page is linked to appearing on Google’s first page. Google wants to promote secure content via its search engine, so the algorithms push HTTPS websites up the ranking to be displayed for the user on the first page.  A Secure Sockets Layer Certificate gives buyers the confidence that, in transacting with your ecommerce website, their information such as address and payment information will be protected.

7. Mobile Appearances Matter

Before a user can reach for their desktop, it’s their on-the-go smartphone that will help them discover your brand, and form first impressions of your products. This means your website should be designed and optimised for an enjoyable mobile phone experience. A savvy SEO service in Dubai will offer to score your website and check if it is optimised for mobile users.

8. Include Alt-Text for Images

Alt-text describes the content of your image to the viewer, in case it fails to load on the website. Writing alt-text for images can boost your ranking in Google Images, because it adds details about your product that the bots cannot fully identify as yet. This automatically improves your brand’s web accessibility by driving traffic towards your site from an image search.

9. Connecting Your Content to Other Sites

A professional SEO agency in Dubai will tell you why this is one of the top most SEO ranking factors. While building your site, your content has to reflect your expertise, your authority, and trustworthiness. When your web content displays these characteristics, then other trustworthy sites will feature links to your site in their content. A trustworthy site reinforces your content if you meet their standards. This automatically improves the secure ranking Google is always looking.

10. Optimizing Product Images

Investing in high-quality, professional shots of your product will speak volumes! From Facebook, to Google Ads, from blog posts to other website content, your product images need to look its best to appear everywhere. All images should speak one common language about your product and maintain the consistency throughout.

The product images should be optimized to comfortably fit on mobile and desktop screens, and also be light enough to not affect loading speed.

In Conclusion 

SEO is not yet a science but it is the new age marketing technique. A strong SEO strategy can help continuously refine your brand’s position in the market, improve awareness of your product and reach the national or international audience it deserves.

If you think your beauty product hasn’t yet harvested its SEO potential, we’re here to help. Our SEO consultants will make your products visible and speed up the traffic towards your brand.