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Wisoft Solutions: A Decade of Digital Transformation

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The Digital Revolution: Unstoppable and Ever-Evolving

It is 2020. It is the end of a phenomenal decade. This decade has set unprecedented benchmarks in the vast universes of innovation, science, and economy. The very fact that you are reading this comfortably on your tablet/mobile/computer and not on a physical brochure/leaflet is proof that the age of digital is here to stay and is only going to get bigger, brighter, and smarter.

Personally, this has been a remarkable decade for Wisoft Solutions. Having started in 2010 with a very small team, we have grown to be the most trusted digital marketing agency in Dubai and the Middle East.

Our Ethos: Strategic, ROI-Driven Marketing

A growth-driven agency, Wisoft Solutions has earned a reputation for delivering strategic ROI-based campaigns. The agency works hard to ensure that its clients get back the value of their marketing investment. Most marketing agencies in the industry and region focus on creativity and design, while turning a blind eye to the efficiency of the campaign. That's where we make a difference. We understand that competition is tough and therefore no investment made towards any campaign should go unrewarded.

Origins: From SMS Marketing Specialists to a Full-Service Agency

Founded by Saji Nair, a digital marketing maverick, Wisoft Solutions started off as an SMS marketing agency using a RAK freezone permit. Using his strong networking, negotiation and project management skills, Nair single-handedly spearheaded and managed major local and national SMS-centric campaigns for companies in the MENA region by leveraging the simplicity, ease of use and effective mode of communication. Nair’s campaigns helped brands enhance loyalty, acquire new customers, monetise actions through incentives, and improve customer service.

Adapting and Thriving: Our Focus on the Future

The increasing restrictions and tighter regulations around SMS marketing led Nair to venture into other frontiers of marketing. Today, Wisoft Solutions is a full-service marketing agency seamlessly connecting creativity, technology and media for clients across cities in UAE, the Middle East, and North Africa region. Having worked with industries such as Real Estate, FMCG, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Education, and Healthcare, Wisoft Solutions is equipped to leave its footprint across other verticals globally. The agency specializes in website and app development, SEO, online advertising, programmatic, social media, marketing automation, email and SMS marketing. Our native digital fluency, experienced capabilities, proficient understanding of the role of digital in today’s marketing ecosystem have helped its clients outperform and get better ROI from their marketing efforts. From 2020, we have taken our proven marketing strategies to markets in the US with immediate effect, while eventually extending our services to markets in Saudi Arabia, India, and Canada.

Our closely-knit experienced team works hard and ensures clients are happy at all times. Our team goes out of its way to make sure that clients get better impact, better ROI, and better conversion rates than the industry standards. To fetch results that go above and beyond the industry standards, you have got to create new standards for others in the industry to follow. That is what makes us deliver a conversion percentage over 5%, which surpasses the normal industry standards. Our standards are pretty high, because we aim at delivering nothing but the best for our clients 24/7.

“Leaders never stop believing that change is good.”

We never stop underestimating the technological changes that have taken us by storm in the last decade. In the next decade, we want to nurture and expand our skills and expertise in the avenues of video marketing, creative design, artificial intelligence and analytics. Big data is getting bigger and the more we are beginning to understand data and how businesses can benefit from it, the more ways we keep discovering that would help us help our clients reach their full potential.

Case Studies: Partner with the Best in the Digital Marketing business

Read the story of our projects for clients. See how we turn challenges into opportunities and shape the future through strategy, innovation, and flawless execution.

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