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Type of Digital Ads you should be investing in 2020

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“Worldwide digital ad spend is expected to reach over $375 billion by 2021” - Lyfe Marketing

Undoubtedly, companies are spending a major portion of their digital budget on digital advertising. But the primary question is, are they investing it wisely? Are they up to date with the digital advertising trends of 2020?

If you’re an entrepreneur spending a significant amount on digital advertising to expand your business, you need to read this till the end. Here, you’ll get to know the types of digital ads you must not miss out on, in the year 2020.

So, let’s begin.

Video advertisements are the new favourites

It’s obvious from the viewing habits of new generation consumers that consumption of video ads has witnessed a huge spike. But, you don’t need to plan your next advertising campaign based on just an assumption. After all, great marketing works on exact data.

Here are a few findings published in IAB’s 2019 Video Advertising Spend Report.

  • Advertisers will spend 25% more on digital video than they did last year.
  • Nearly 3 in 4 buyers are planning to increase their digital video ad spend in the next 12 months.
  • Nearly two-thirds of digital budgets are allocated to video—with Mobile and Desktop video evenly allocated.

Moreover, AI advancements allow you to personalize digital videos and tailor them as per your different customer categories. Also, shorter video ads and 6-seconds bumper ads offer you a way to extend your brand reach in a short time frame.

Now, all you need is a compelling video that grabs your customer’s attention and establishes brand recall.

Native ads that don’t look like ‘ads’

How often do you not click on links or skip a video because it’s just an ad? There are preconceived notions about ads that they are disturbing, useless and not trustworthy. Thus, making your customers take the desired action on your ad becomes a real challenge.

Native advertising gives you the key to escape this hurdle. These ads emulate the look and feel of the media format where they appear, gaining greater acceptance and engagement because they are designed to seamlessly integrate into social feeds and websites versus banners or pop-ups.

There are two popular formats of native ads:

  • Recommendation widgets: It includes recommended posts, article or resources
  • In-feed ads: These are the ads that appear within a social media feed. They appear similar to other types of content appearing in the feed thereby making them less intrusive.

Fact Check: As per Sharethrough, native ads receive 53 per cent more views than traditional display ads.

Mobile advertisements are continuously growing

The global mobile ad spend is estimated to cross $225bn in 2020. Mobile ads are attracting huge customer attention due to the increase in mobile app usage. 
One of the mobile advertising trends that will grow significantly in 2020 is related to in-app ads. The advent of many new apps on Android, iOS, and Windows has created a demand to monetize the app as well as market it simultaneously. One good technique to enhance RoI from mobile advertising is to provide in-app rewards for watching ads.

Mobile advertising as a whole is trending upward, and you must be prepared to embrace this wave and incorporate mobile as a key component of your online advertising strategy in 2020.

Social Ads aren’t disappearing anytime soon

Social ads help you reach people who aren’t following you already. They help you expand your reach and create a new market for your product. Moreover, every social media site comes with certain qualities specific to them. 

The ads are mostly in the form of feed on Facebook and LinkedIn. The “stories” format is an excellent choice for mobile advertising, especially on Snapchat and Instagram. These are placed within existing story feeds and look pretty much similar to organic story content.

Messenger ads are also a good way to engage your target audience. Here, instead of making the prospect directly buy your product, you interact with them and make them aware of the ways your product will be of use to them. WhatsApp marketing also works in a similar way.

Social advertisements are one of the most acceptable ad formats as it is completely aligned with the customer intent and need specific to a particular social media platform.

Google ads are the unforgettable constants

No matter how many new advertising platforms pop up, Google will always hold an indispensable position in your advertising budget. Search engine marketing will not die ever, and Google is the king of search engines.

Google ads allow you to place your product in front of people who are already looking for it. More than 3.5 billion searches are performed per day on Google alone, and not targeting that audience is a significant loss.

Google advertising platform keeps on evolving to provide better targeting options by releasing a number of sophisticated tools that help marketers target their customers more effectively. 

Two most commonly used Google ads format are product listing ads and text ads. These ads increase your visibility and align your goals with that of customers’ search intent.

Takeaway: Digital advertising is evolving at an unmatched pace. There are many new opportunities coming up every day, and it’s very essential to harness these opportunities at the right time. The changes are rapid, and at the moment, it is nearly impossible to predict what’s going to happen in 2021. So, all you can do is to utilize the present.

So, create new milestones for your business in 2020. Carpediem! 

All you can do is to utilize the present at its best and create new milestones for your business in the year 2020. So, are you ready?

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