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Top Digital Marketing Trends Driving Technology Services

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The year 2020 was proof of concept for digital marketing agencies in Dubai to demonstrate the power of tech transformations. During a global lockdown, when people were confined to their homes, technology was able to bridge the distance between consumers and businesses. Consumer behavior saw a tectonic shift towards eCommerce and even witnessed reluctant senior citizens adapt the online realm with some help. Businesses revolutionized the way they operated and delivered a seamless user experience for online consumers. As the world continues to adapt to the new normal, these changes are here to become a regular part of life, making every aspect of digital communications a crucial need to stay in the competition.

This new consumer behavior online will make creativity in our communication a crucial step in their journey. In this article we take a look at some digital services that brands can leverage to drive future marketing strategies.

Creative User-Generated Content

Content must be fresh and original if we have to please Google algorithms to drive engagement towards your products. User-generated content tools (UGC) allow users to develop real-time content on behalf of the brand and share it with their followers. This helps create more organic traffic for the brand and can result in credible conversions. Such content also acts as a testimonial for the brand and increases its social credit among first-time users.

Data Driven Future

In the future, data scientists will enter an industry as business specialists, who are not only capable of writing programs but also capable of applying deep analysis to specific industries using data-backed domain knowledge. Their skill sets will be employed to tell stories with data and predict almost instantly if content should be directed to educating or informing customers.


We’re in 2021! And, this virtual age gives us the ability to do more than one thing at a time. Audio-based apps like Clubhouse and voice assistants like Alexa allow us to order groceries, chat with strangers or play music all while we are busy taking care of other things around us, without us moving an extra finger.

Integrated Multi-System Solutions: Martech

Digital Marketing agencies in Dubai offer MarTech or Marketing Technology, where services and software are blended together in their digital business plans. While technology is mostly used for digital strategies, it can also help fine-tune offline campaigns. By automating your marketing tasks, you can reduce costs and achieve more. With advertising, analytics, CRM, social media and content management under a single MarTech ecosystem, can help you integrate tech and tailor your marketing strategy all in one place.

Non-Fungible Tokens

Not many people understand NFTs yet, but they are key digital assets of the future springing from blockchain technology. A unique piece of art can quickly be converted or exchanged for something of similar value. Digital marketing agencies in Dubai consider this as an investment for the future. Brands can collaborate with artists or musicians and take a first-move advantage in this nascent space, to create limited edition items that circulate across the web through users and create its own demand-value.

B2B or B2B, both now as H2H

It’s all about the feelings. Despite automation and machine intelligence, we all want to be spoken to like human beings. Once upon a time, marketing was segmented into B2B or B2C categories, but the thin line between the 2 seems to be disappearing. In the end, it’s a human on either side that makes purchasing decisions. Pleasant and conversational material makes users feel like businesses understand their human needs who strive to deliver that. Using too many business jargons even while communicating with other businesses can make the person sitting on the other side feel alienated. Time to tune the way we speak to reflect meaningful bonds, and watch the relationships formed at the office or during work hours shift to online interactions.

Conversational Marketing

Brands should look to rebuild and nourish customer relationships that became difficult to maintain in 2020 due to lack of face-to-face interactions. People still need, and perhaps even more now, immediate resolution to their issues to keep them coming back for more of your product. In the online space, one bad experience is enough to turn a customer away towards your competitor. Chatbots and branded calling solutions can help digital marketing agencies in Dubai integrate real-time customer interactions for brands.

More Robust Data Asset Management Plans

Data asset management is inclined towards minimum governance, and when businesses have almost all nearly moved online, this becomes necessary to deliver a standard quality of service. An organization should be able to readily store, manage and access its digital media assets because it improves productivity, process efficiency, provides immediacy and protects valuable digital assets.

More than Webinars

Webinars are good if you want to deliver training sessions or workshops as a digital service. And even these can be made a bit memorable than a simple poll and side chat. Virtual events provide a lively alternative that can also include a webinar but offer more than a single session of interaction between the viewer and presenter. Trade shows or product launches can be delivered through virtual events, and beyond the webinar, can drive engagement, provide event data, flexible event spaces and grow a global network without having to move out of the house. The use of Clubhouse indicates this kind of evolution in both casual and professional communications.

Streaming for shopping

Interactive shoppable videos are everywhere, from Instagram to Amazon, and YouTube to much newer alternatives like Buywith and Bambuser. These are especially helpful while communicating with younger age groups, who prefer video formats when shopping online and discovering products. Product details and links to purchase it go right next to live product demonstrations and allow users to immediately buy what they see. It’s easier to make purchases when we see a product being used in context by an influencer in a video, right next to the buy button.

Focused Account-Based Marketing

The hottest trend for online commerce will be dominated by account-based marketing. ABM’s focused campaigns can create personalized buying experiences for target accounts that are more likely to convert to business. Compared to broad campaigns, this can make businesses more relevant and where ROI can be measured too.

In Conclusion

When drawing out a marketing plan, choose trends that are well suited for your business. At Wisoft, we prioritize these trends based on who your audience is and how you can sustain the resources to deliver the tech services effectively in a customer’s purchasing journey. For more information on how to choose the right service for your product offering and to save time and accelerate your growth, get in touch with us.

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