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As the inclination towards digitization continues, one thing is certain, mobile is the future. More than half of all internet users gain access to the internet through their phones. The staggering number of mobile users can be attributed to two factors; cheap data coverage and the high cost of owning a desktop or a laptop. The first reason is the reason why a lot of businesses in developing countries use a mobile-first strategy. Regions such as the BRIC and MENA have a big userbase that relies on the low tariffs of cell services to gain access to the internet. There is also the matter of improvement in smartphone technology that helps users, irrespective of income status gain easier access to the internet. The second reason, which is the high cost of owning a desktop or a laptop dissuades buyers from purchasing them. A smartphone can be purchased at a fraction of the cost and still gives you the same access to the internet as a desktop would. This means that people are more likely to access mobile sites over desktop sites. This fact may be shocking to some, but it is something UIUX Design services and digital marketing firms are well aware of.

Why is the Middle East a great place for an online business?

Before we jump back into the importance of a mobile-first approach, it is imperative that we establish the importance of conducting business in the Middle East. The playground of the rich and affluent, cities more developed than its western counterparts, a cultural and economic hub; the Middle East is currently at the centre of it all. This is why it makes sense to establish online businesses in the region. For those who have been living under a rock, web development in Dubai is on the rise. More than ever, businesses want to set up shop online. With the recent launch of the Dubai Expo 2020, all eyes are on the city and it is clearer now than ever before, that online businesses will thrive here.

Mobile-first: A new outlook for the decade

As we focus more on a mobile-first strategy with a more nuanced user experience-based approach towards design, it is important to focus on mobile-based website design. More and more people conduct searches through their mobile phones than any other means. There is also the matter of improving the user experience of a website based on mobile. A desktop site’s usability will be drastically different than that of a mobile one. UIUX Design services remain at the top of these things by actively turning their designs around to suit mobile devices better.

Why should you look to prioritize UX?

Human beings tend to be creatures that like aesthetic things. Our eyes are always allured towards beauty and we tend to spend a long time when we like what we see. There is also the matter of seamless flow. The smoother it feels to use a website the more we will like it. Like these touchpoints, there are dozens of nuances that lie with UIUX that we need to take a closer look at. This is why web development in Dubai is focused on optimizing the user experience.

Design and responsiveness matters

Ask any UIUX Design services they will say the same thing, the design of the website matters. You want to wow potential customers off the bat. The best way to do that is by designing a website that looks aesthetically great. The customer should feel like they are immersed in the product/service you are selling. Moreover, good design language will help consumers associate your brand with quality. Another key thing that businesses need to take care of is site responsiveness. Your site load times, the access to pages should not be slow. They should be as fast as possible. Consumers value their time and, in a world, where attention spans are extremely short, it is imperative to do everything to keep their attention. The key to every mobile-first strategy is to have a fast and responsive site. By saving their time and giving consumers a smooth experience, they are more likely to return.

Concluding statements

For a mobile-first strategy to succeed, it is imperative to focus on the responsiveness and design of the website. The optimization part is crucial but on top of that through active design language, you can entice consumers to stay on for longer and take interest in the products and services you are selling. Digital marketing companies like Wisoft Solutions offer an array of services to push your mobile website as well as UIUX upgrades. And with a team of experts at their disposal, you will get a bespoke service that helps you keep pace with your competition and even get past them. For the latest news and updates, follow Wisoft Solutions on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Twitter.

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