7 Benefits to Small Businesses from Hubspot CRM

Sep 13 2020 03:09:06 / By Saiyed Mehdi

There has been a tremendous evolution in the digital marketing realm, and what we see today could never have been conceived around twenty years ago. One of the biggest changes has been the introduction of marketing automation. With the help of cutting-edge technology, clunky and inefficient processes of the ages have been quickly replaced with faster and more streamlined workflows.

HubSpot CRM is one such technology that has revolutionized digital marketing. It is an excellent inbound marketing tool that offers compressive functions and features while still being incredibly easy to use. If you have a small business that primarily sells services or products online, this is an excellent tool that you can use to generate content, optimize it, and then promote your business.

Here are 7 benefits of marketing automation that are bound to help your business grow!

Lead Generation

Generating high-quality leads is the most important objective of most sales teams. The first step to effective lead generation is optimizing your existing website. By integrating HubSpot CRM with your website and using the free lead generation tool, you can pull in all the details into a common contact database. Mature lead generation practices result in a 9.3% increase in the sales quota achievement rate. HubSpot can help you curate a structured lead generation plan to ensure maximum sales.

Drive Up Sales

Using a CRM tool has been shown to increase sales by up to 30%. It helps streamline your sales workflow, which in turn means more closed deals, better sales forecasts, and consequently more sales. Additionally, customer retention is improved as well. It has been shown that even a minor increase in customer retention paves the way for exponentially higher gains in revenue.

Personalize Customer Experience

You can fine-tune your marketing by incorporating preferences, interactions, and web history of potential clients. This can be information related to how visitors arrived at your site, the most frequently visited pages, the time spent on each page, or the time of day when your website receives most visits.

You can then harness this data to create customized messages and emails that are guaranteed to boost conversions and click-throughs. Studies show that only about 24% of sales emails are opened by prospects. Personalized emails help boost click-throughs by up to 14%. This type of marketing automation to nurture leads and prospects shows a massive boost in conversions. On average, nurtured leads produce up to a 20% increase in sales opportunities and 47% larger purchases.

Streamline Sales and Stay Organized

You can streamline the various processes of your business with the help of HubSpot CRM. The most vital function that CRM provides is keeping track of the data relating to prospective clients. An automated sales process that is also enforced can help attain 88% of the quota.

Moreover, organized data can help you glean better insights, and easily access a specific detail without difficulty. CRM will support you throughout the sales cycle, all the way from follow-up reminders and scheduling appointments to generating quotes and sending emails. This will help your business stay on top of the game, and convert the maximum number of leads.

Communication Tracking

One of the most critical elements of marketing involves keeping track of all modes of communication between businesses and prospective customers. Doing so provides some much-needed insights into a particular customer, for better decision making in the future. 93% of converted leads are only contacted on the 6th attempt. Keeping track and following up at the right time is crucial in converting prospects. Additionally, there is also a feature to record phone conversations, allowing you to have all related information at a single location. The improved data accessibility translates to a shorter sales cycle.

Sales Reports and Prospecting

An astonishing 40% of salespeople say that sales forecasting is the most challenging part of the job. You can use the sales dashboard and report features of HubSpot to collect, organize, and depict data related to your prospects. Unproductive prospecting is shown to waste nearly 50% of sales time and is something that can be avoided. HubSpot also offers key metrics such as the monthly recurring revenue as well as the year-on-year growth, which are crucial for sales teams to forecast trends.

Social Media Management

Nearly 50% of the revenue generated by 14 common industries is with the aid of social media. You can integrate HubSpot CRM to the various social media platforms such as LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook while running your social media campaigns. You can then extract data regarding your prospective customers from these platforms and use it for your own marketing purposes. 73% of salespeople who use social selling exceed their quota by an average of 23%. Since the information is in a single location, it is much easier for you to have an overview and use it effectively. You will save an enormous amount of time since you don’t need to curate the data from various platforms separately.

Successful marketing boils down to precise and quick responses to prospects and then turning them to customers. The first step to this lies in efficiently gathering data. If you are looking for an effective and powerful tool that helps consolidate and improve your marketing and sales efforts, HubSpot is the way forward, and Wisoft Solutions is your go-to-partner for end-to-end integration and implementation.

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