5 E-commerce Marketing Strategies You Must Explore

Oct 15 2020 01:10:38 / By Wisoft Solutions

E-commerce marketing is paramount for the success of any online business. Having an air-tight marketing strategy is one of the best ways to set yourself apart from the competition. It helps you drive sales, build awareness for your brand, and plant a firm foot in the competitive online landscape. You can have the most wonderful website with a seamless flow, but if you aren’t driving any traffic to it, you will not get conversions.

Let us explore five of the best e-commerce marketing strategies that you have to check out!

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

This is an e-commerce marketing service that is essential for online stores to have some method to enable customers to find your website. Do you find yourself not ranking high enough in Google search results? If so, the problem is that you haven’t tailored your website to feed Google’s hungry web-crawlers. You need Search Engine Optimisation to allow potential customers to find your e-commerce site.

A great way to boost your e-commerce marketing is by using product schema. It is essentially a structured way of representing your product data, which shows up along with the search result. This implies that your e-commerce website will be pumping in product info such as price, ratings, and availability along with the search result, vastly improving the user experience. An excellent place to get product schema options is schema.org. It is a platform that is trusted by both Google as well as Bing.

All in all, SEO is one of the best ways to increase your profits by maximizing the number of inbound leads to your website.

2. Social Media

Over the last decade, the popularity of social media giants such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube has reached entirely new heights. Amongst adults who have access to the internet, a staggering 71% are active on some form of social media. This has resulted in almost every business exploring social media marketing. 

Due to the recent pandemic, Facebook and Instagram have introduced Facebook Shop, a way to help small businesses stay afloat. Facebook and Instagram Shop is a way to allow small businesses to build a store online, and sell products, and run ads directly on the platforms owned by Facebook. This is a great place to try and explore e-commerce marketing. Remarketing is another essential technique that allows you to tap into users who interacted with your app or website before, giving you higher conversions. 

Every marketer should also consider leveraging video and influencer marketing. This is one of the hottest areas of marketing and works wonders if you find the right influencer for your niche.

3. Leveraging Online Tools for Marketing

With technology evolving so much, it should be no surprise that there are modern technologies that can improve your marketing strategies. Using AI to reduce cart abandonment and create personalized ads is one of the latest strategies for e-commerce marketing

There are numerous tools online that can be used to increase productivity, revenue, and shopper retention using AI. Every marketer should explore these online tools and gain a huge edge over the competition.

4. Content Marketing

Online content is one of the most organic forms of e-commerce marketing. Blogs have always been a popular way of combining valuable subject information with subtle product/service marketing. Some of the best ways to do written content marketing are by educating the customer, focusing your content on the product. 

Although blogs serve as the cornerstone of content marketing, you can add other supplementary material to enhance your reach. For instance, engaging infographics and in-depth ‘How-to’ guides can provide immense engagement. 

Content marketing does not have to be tied to written material. Video content is also a great way of improving the outreach of your online business. Vlogs are extremely powerful as they help with building a connection with your customers and assist them in their buying/decision-making process. In doing so, you are growing a cult of loyal customers who will always choose your brand over others.

5. Email Marketing

Once you have finalized your content strategy, email marketing is a natural next step. Unlike social media, email marketing can be a very formal and professional means of information sharing. Make sure to include the latest updates about your products and services as well as any coupon codes or offers in your emails. 

Before email marketing can be used effectively, it is vital to add a signup form on the landing page of your website. Email marketing should be initiated immediately after the first few potential client emails are obtained, either from the signup form on a website or alternate sources. It is also important to stay consistent, valuable & engaging with the number of emails sent every week. 

At Wisoft Solutions, we develop tailor-made marketing strategies that will help your business grow rapidly. We understand how competitive the e-commerce market is, and we have the top-notch e-commerce marketing services for any need. You will be provided with SEO and e-commerce plans, along with metrics and analysis to streamline your strategy. 

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