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Digital Marketing

  • Low Traffic?
    Let’s create a Stampede
  • Low Visibility?
    Let’s make you hard to miss
  • Low engagement?
    Let’s keep customer’s enthralled
  • Outdated website?
    Let’s make an innovative update
  • Wanna grab some attention?
    Let’s make you fascinating

If your website is not generating leads the way it should, not only are your marketing investments are doomed, but your long-term goals are hindered as well. The digital marketing experts at Wisoft Solutions can identify all key factors that thwart your website’s performance. We do not stop there; we relentlessly work towards improving the performance of your website by implementing tried and tested digital marketing solutions. While strategizing and implementing such solutions we ensure that they are in sync with your requirements and best serve your interests.

Having an online presence is one thing, but grabbing visibility in the eyes of search engines is a different game altogether. Boosting your site’s visibility on the internet is crucial to get more leads and consequently, more business. By unleashing the power of multi-channel digital marketing strategies, our experts can optimize your website so as to give your products and services unprecedented exposure and visibility. As an upshot, the overall visibility of your brand also starts shooting up, resulting in increased brand awareness, higher ROI, and better credibility.

Wisoft Solutions uses a perfect blend of well- planned campaign and marketing techniques that yield guaranteed engagement from your target audience. Our marketing techniques are designed to ensure customer retention and loyalty. What more, all our brand/product/service engagement programs and solutions are result-oriented and measurable.

Prospective clients usually check your website before considering your organization for a potential business partnership. It can so happen that the potential clients check your site on their handy, portable devices such as smartphones or tablets. If your website is not responsive or impressive, it can be detrimental to your business and steal the deal from you. Wisoft team will conduct a thorough audit of your website and offer you valuable insights into why your website fails. From the structure of your site to the quality of your content and your brand’s social media performance, our experts will diagnose all red flags and prescribe possible remedies.

Want to buy a pair of shoes? Buy it online. Is your bill overdue? Pay it online. Fancy going for a movie? Book the tickets online. Want to get your house painted? Look for an agency online. Well, the online world offers more solutions than the offline world, and naturally a lot more happens online than offline these days. The same stands true for your sales too. In order to sustain and stay ahead of the competition, it is imperative that your business drives more sales online. Employing effective digital marketing strategies, we ensure your brand better visibility and improved ROI.



SMS and Email Marketing Challenges

  • Hit the right audience, keep them mesmerised
  • Hype up your sales, it’s pretty simple
  • SMS Campaigns; your way to go yo!!!
  • Promotional texts; strike when the iron’s hot
  • Email marketing; Hold on tight, your customers are valuable

Today's consumers are mobile-centric and so should your marketing campaigns be. SMS campaigns are effective in terms of cost as well as response rate. The marketing team at Wisoft has the expertise and experience to generate SMS marketing strategies that yield high results by targeting the right audience. From identifying the demographic and devising an action plan to implementing the strategies and interpreting the responses, our team stands by your side till you achieve your marketing goals.

The goal of any SMS campaign is to bring leads that can be converted into real deals. The marketing team at Wisoft is exceptionally skilled at capturing the attention of the intended audience through SMS campaigns. We do this by rolling BOGO (buy one get one) offers or running “spend and get” campaigns. With the right mix of campaigns, we help increase your average order value (AOV) and get quick sales.

A legion of happy fans and followers can change the fate of any brand. We carve a contented and loyal fan-following out of your target audience by giving them a reason to opt-in, namely incentives! Create a buzz by on-site, in-store signage, social media integration, signup widgets, newsletters and much more. Yes, we integrate SMS campaigns with every possible tool to expand its reach and boost the results. Our experts identify the importance of contests too.

Trends show that people are more inclined to respond or engage with text campaigns towards the evening or over weekends. Our marketing specialists will conduct enough studies to understand your target audience and their behaviour patterns, and time your campaigns accordingly. Watch your conversion rates soar when you entrust us with your SMS marketing campaigns. We indeed can make the impossible, possible.

Making a list of customers who are interested in your promotional emails is a rather tricky process, but retaining them and keeping them attentive and supportive is by far a herculean task. The ideal way to keep them engaged is by making them realise the value proposition of the product that you are marketing. Make your emails lively and attractive enough to make the customers open them. With the ideal strategy you can easily turn the tables to benefit you immensely.

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