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With a rough past year and the looming fears in the minds of individuals and industries have drastically slowed down demand and sales. However, one space that has increasingly gained prominence is the digital space. As the world explores new ways to live, work, and play, an increasing number of users and businesses are experiencing the power of digital tools and technologies for the first time, to simplify their lives and enhance marketing efficiencies. An integral component of the digital universe is the website and at its core is a world of content powered by keywords that need continuous optimization in order to be found by search engines. That is why, even in 2021, Search Engine Optimization still remains a major factor that can define the success and performance of a website.

Whether you are an SEO agency or a brand testing the digital waters, to expand your online presence, here are a few ways to make SEO work for you.

1. Optimize meta descriptions

Old but gold. A well-crafted meta description can compel users to click, and using keyword-rich descriptions that people actually search for, enables Google to use your meta description to get meaningful clicks and act as a marketing channel for your website.

2. Revamp top content

It’s the year to relaunch the top content. Analyse top content over the past years, and update the style, theme, tone, and data while retaining the same URL as it has reported gains of 500% to 1,000%.

3. Update old content with new links

Along with updating and relaunching your top, it is also essential to update old content with new links. After publishing a new blog post or a new piece of content, make sure that you or the SEO agency update the old content with the new links. Updating your old page with fresh content and fresh links adds relevance and can greatly help bring down bounce rates and enhance user experience.

4. Remove unnecessary and expired links

Remove any unnecessary links, to get more link equity and authority through the links that actually count, and help positively influence Google ranking signal.

5. Check mobile link parity

Ensure that links on your mobile site are the same as the links on your desktop site. As Google has moved to a mobile first index, search engines will treat your mobile site as your primary website. Fewer links on mobile pages than desktop pages can result in the loss of a lot of link equity.

6. Optimize favicon

Favicons in mobile search results can influence click-through rate if they're high contrast. Having a good favicon can make a difference if you get it right.

7. Optimize breadcrumbs

Breadcrumbs are displayed in both desktop and mobile search results, and keyword-rich breadcrumbs can influence your click-through rate. SEO agency has to conduct a breadcrumb optimization audit to ensure Google is displaying the breadcrumbs that you want to display, using the specified keywords.

8. Include numbers in titles

A recent study showed that dates added to titles increased rankings for a particular brand. Numbers are generally seen to produce pretty consistent results. Specifically, dates in title tags are often a winner. However, don’t fake it and make sure to exclude it if it doesn't make sense.

9. Think out of the tabs

Bring content out of tabs and add them into the main body, so that people don't have to click to see. As users generally engage with content when it's out of tabs, it helps pages to rank a little better.

10. Limit sitemaps to 10,000 URLs

If you have a large site and you have indexing issues, limit your sitemaps to 10,000 URLs. Using smaller sitemaps, compressed into a limited URL set can actually improve site crawlability and search priority. Analyse data from Google Search Console to can see what's being indexed and what's not.

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