2 Way SMS System


Savvy marketers are returning to interactive SMS marketing for good reasons. Guaranteed cost-effectiveness is a forte that this marketing tool is unbeatable. As a leading SMS marketing company in Dubai, our bulk SMS marketing offers High conversion rates, easy customization possibility, excellent read rates and increased response frequency are other reasons why our 2 Way SMS marketing services is ruling the marketing charts. We are not saying so, statistics are vouching for it.


Here is a sneak peek at the number game:

  • 2 Way SMS marketing services response rates are up to 8 times higher than email campaigns.

  • According to data issued by Frost & Sullivan, 98% of text messages are read by intended readers. These numbers are much higher than the eyeballs grabbed by digital media campaigns.

  •  Text messages, on an average, are read within 5 seconds of receiving them.

  •  Average click-through rates (CTR) for intended URLs are significantly higher through SMS campaigns.



Interactive, measurable and immediate, this channel of communication builds an instant rapport with your customers and increases the influence your business has on your target audience. 2 Way SMS not just allows you to promote your business or brand, but helps you interact with your customers as well. Here’s how:

  • Run surveys: Want a feedback on your latest launch? The chances of your poll getting answered through emails or website may be extremely slim, but with 2 Way SMS campaigns, your polls and surveys will elicit faster responses. As messages are often read upon receipt, they are more likely to be answered right away.
  • Start a poll: To check how your brand is faring against your competitor, opt for opinion polls and see responses trickle by in less than a minute.
  • Roll out offers: Reduce your customer acquisition cost (CAC) by rolling out attractive offers for your target audience with minimal advertising cost.
  • Ride sweepstakes: Enhance brand association by rolling out trivia quizzes or fun competitions with grand prizes. This will enthuse more and more of your audience to connect to your brand in just one click.
  • More benefits: The benefits of 2 Way SMS marketing services doesn’t end here. It helps you track your campaigns and measure response rates, thus allowing you to devise marketing plans that actually work.