2 Way SMS

High conversation rate and increased responses

Savvy marketers are returning to interactive SMS marketing for good reasons. Guaranteed cost-effectiveness is a forte that this marketing tool is unbeatable. High conversion rates, easy customization possibility, excellent read rates and increased response frequency are other reasons why 2 Way SMS services is ruling the marketing charts. We are not saying so, statistics are vouching for it.

Here is a sneak peek at the number game:

  • 2 Way SMS services response rates are up to 8 times higher than email campaigns.
  • According to data issued by Frost & Sullivan, 98% of text messages are read by intended readers. These numbers are much higher than the eyeballs grabbed by digital media campaigns.
  • Text messages, on an average, are read within 5 seconds of receiving them.
  • Average click-through rates (CTR) for intended URLs are significantly higher through SMS campaigns.

Drive more customer engagement and sales through Short Code SMS services

Interactive, measurable and immediate, this channel of communication builds an instant rapport with your customers and increases the influence your business has on your target audience. 2 Way SMS not just allows you to promote your business or brand, but helps you interact with your customers as well. Here’s how:

  • Run surveys: Want a feedback on your latest launch? The chances of your poll getting answered through emails or website may be extremely slim, but with 2 Way SMS campaigns, your polls and surveys will elicit faster responses. As messages are often read upon receipt, they are more likely to be answered right away.
  • Start a poll: To check how your brand is faring against your competitor, opt for opinion polls and see responses trickle by in less than a minute.
  • Roll out offers: Reduce your customer acquisition cost (CAC) by rolling out attractive offers for your target audience with minimal advertising cost.
  • Ride sweepstakes: Enhance brand association by rolling out trivia quizzes or fun competitions with grand prizes. This will enthuse more and more of your audience to connect to your brand in just one click.
  • More benefits: The benefits of 2 Way SMS services doesn’t end here. It helps you track your campaigns and measure response rates, thus allowing you to devise marketing plans that actually work.

How we implement sales pulling 2 Way SMS services

Ranked as the best in 2 Way SMS marketing agencies in Dubai, we boost your 2 Way SMS campaigns with:

Premium SMS short codes

Got any information to sell? Opt for our premium interactive SMS campaign. With this SMS short codes services, businesses enable customers to download content, participate in SMS contests or avail subscriptions. In this format, customers revert to activate or partake in promoted offers.

Standard rate SMS short codes

This 2 Way interactive messaging via shortcode enables customers to revert via text, but without having to pay any additional charges. The standard rate SMS short codes format is adopted normally for peer to peer communication and is used for purposes other than revenue generation. Hence, this kind of SMS campaign is generally executed to take feedback, conduct opinion polls, collect information, and the like.

SIM hosting

Our SIM hosting services enable enterprises to securely develop a proficient and cost-effective solution to collect data and response from the target audience. We further help you to reach out to more and more of your target audience by sending texts through a dedicated cell-phone number associated with your opted SIM card through our mobile hosting platform.

This method allows you to receive all reverts at one place through your SIM card, which shall also be forwarded to a dedicated email account.

The right team can pull the right leads

With the right resources, abundant experience, and unlimited enthusiasm, our team will ensure a smooth passage for your marketing requirements, no matter how big or small they are.

If you’re looking to reach out to your target customers in an interactive and effective way, call us to guide you through our 2 Way SMS services.


SMS communication for
E-commerce industry

Wisoft makes it possible to enhance your customer’s shopping experience. From order placing and tracking updates to complex marketing and feedback campaigns, Wisoft makes your interactions with the customer better. You can insert attachments and web URLs along with your bulk SMS marketing campaigns.With real-time campaign measurement and optimization your SMS marketing strategy could be transformed to a winning business strategy.

SMS communication for Education industry

SMS marketing offers many opportunities for education industry. It is a great way to reach out to students. Education Institute use this service in many ways like such as new admission invites, event invites etc. Let Wisoft help you make your SMS marketing strategy in Dubai to a winning business strategy.

SMS communication for finance industry

Bulk SMS communication is the quickest way to reach your target audience with the relevant message in the finance industry. Bulk SMS marketing helps you stay in touch with your existing and prospective clients by sending promotional messages, customer feedback, surveys etc. Wisoft Solutions is proud to be the leading bulk SMS communication provider in UAE and across the globe.

SMS communication for Travel industry

Bulk SMS communication for Travel industry is one of the most powerful marketing channels. With text messages, you can approach your customers & send out messages like holiday season offers and coupon code campaigns. Wisoft Solutions is proud to be the leading bulk SMS communication provider in UAE and across the globe.

SMS communication for manufacturing industry

Bulk SMS services are currently the best way to promote the manufacturing industry among the masses. Today, mobile phone is within reach of every individual and also the open and read rate SMS is quite high at 95%. Wisoft Solutions is proud to be the leading bulk SMS communication provider in UAE and across the globe for the Manufacturing industry. We can help you plan and execute bulk SMS marketing for your product launches.

SMS communication for logistics industry

Some of the well known logistics companies use Bulk SMS Technology for sending transit details, updates about picking parcel and tracking records about parcel status, etc. Whether it’s one way marketing SMS or transactional SMS or 2 way SMS, Wisoft Solutions is here to help you with all your bulk SMS requirements.

SMS communication for real estate industry

Real Estate Agents often use Bulk SMS medium to promote property via Campaigns or sending out available property information. Most of the reputed Builders also use this medium to announce their new ready or upcoming projects via bulk SMS. Construction companies widely uses SMS services for new commercial space or residential space availability to their existing buyers or by SMS Campaigns to the masses. Wisoft Solutions is one of the leading bulk SMS service provider in Dubai for the real estate industry.

SMS communication for healthcare industry

SMS provides immediate connection between healthcare providers and patients. Mobile technology holds great promise for keeping people healthy, managing diseases and lowering healthcare costs. Some of the leading healthcare providers use bulk SMS service for Appointment reminders, Medication expiration reminders, Health and fitness tips etc. Wisoft Solutions can help execute any bulk SMS requirement at an affordable pricing for the healthcare industry.

SMS communication for retail industry

Bulk SMS for retail industry is an intimate channel of communication that businesses can use to increase promotional reach, create greater brand awareness, develop customer loyalty and achieve better response rates. With bulk SMS for retail marketing, your message goes directly to your customer, wherever they are, whatever they are doing. Wisoft Solutions can help you with any bulk SMS service requirement for the retail industry in Dubai and abroad.