2 Way SMS System

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In this fast growing digital age, one of the most crucial factor in the success of any organisation.

A 2 Way SMS system is a system that marries inbound and outbound SMS into one service. By using complete solutions or API and a dedicated number, a 2 way SMS website owner can send and receive SMS through a web messaging platform.

In this system, a brand uses shortcodes or virtual long numbers to interact with its customers.

It’s very evident that lack of a healthy communication has a negative impact on a brand’s reputation, and also indirectly affects the revenue generated by the brand.

This is where the importance of a 2 Way SMS communication comes in to bridge the communication gap between the brand and its customers.

Some of the benefits a Brand stands to gain with 2 Way SMS include;

  • Real-Time transmitting of messages which allows you to follow up and respond instantly.
  • 2 way SMS allows brands to create engaging and interactive marketing campaigns which they can send, monitor and reply to from one platform.
  • It gives the opportunity to directly communicate with customers, reducing time and resources spent along the way.
  • It allows for SMS integrating and scheduling and enables the setup of appointment reminders and automatic responses.

Wisoft 2 way SMS system

Wisoft provides the best 2 way SMS system services in the industry. We understand that every business is not same and we give you the chance to select from a group of options, the sending method that works for you.

Our service is programmed to assist you in boosting your customer engagement and communications with the least stress. We make your marketing, appointment confirmation, staffing or competitions messaging needs easier.

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Our clients get from us reliability, cost-effectiveness, immediate results and flexibility as we go extra miles to make their dreams come true. Our team of efficient professionals handles your project with utmost care taking minute details into considerations to provide relevant solutions.

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