Social Media Campaigns

Accelerate Your Marketing

we develop real time strategies to leverage multiple platforms to extend an organization’s audience and reach.

Social Media is a bunch of website or online platforms that allow people to interact and share content with the rest of the members quickly in real time without much hassle. Some of the well known Social media platforms include – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Pinterest and others. For the speed with which information is delivered on Social media, businesses are widely using these channels to reach out to their target audience and to engage with them in real time

Different ways of reaching out focussed audience and interacting with them in order to achieve the set business goals are termed as Social media campaigns. In order words, Social media campaigns are marketing efforts on social media that are well coordinated and measured to achieve business objectives. Social media campaigns differ from one social platform to others based on features of individual social media platforms.

Key business objectives/goals of social media campaigns include

  • Making brand available when users need them
  • Building brand presence and reputation
  • Increasing website traffic and other online properties
  • Enhancing user experience with the brand
  • Improving overall engagement with the brand
  • Getting feedback from customers in real time
  • Driving lead generation and sales

All Social Media campaigns are executed to achieve quantifiable and distinct business goals.

Why WiSoft for Social media campaigns?

At Wisoft, we ideate, create, execute and monitor some of the performing social media targeted campaigns for business. We focus on relevant social media platforms and campaigns to help you businesses grow and meet your goals in style.

Be it paid or organic, all our Social media campaigns are tailored as per your business goals. All our campaigns acquire a benchmark assessment of your focused metric so that you can monitor changes and performance all through the campaigns. Goals of each campaign are designed by the means, the message and the target spectators. Social media campaigns perform best when optimized and narrowed down based on A/B testing data.

With our thorough A/B testing plan that are particularly designed per your business goals, be assured of output metrics to be green. We spend your money, only if the output makes sense. Once a campaign is green, scaling is only the next thing to do.

What we do?

Our Social Media Marketing Solutions facilitate your business build brand awareness, relationships, and traffic. Our offerings are designed to help your business on the following fronts, across multiple social media platforms –

  • Sales Funnel Engineering – In order to understand your customer behaviour it is important to engineer a sales funnel that can deliver best ROI possible.Based on your requirements, we design and develop multiple Sales funnel and run campaigns to narrow down on the ones that offers best returns.
  • Campaign Design – For the sales funnels identified, we engineer multiple campaigns (paid and organic) that are targeted towards your focused audience.
  • Campaign Development – Ideation and creation of multiple ad-copies, sales pages etc, with tracking tool integration.Multiple campaigns covering different audience set is ideal to narrow down on campaigns, especially paid ones that are yielding best results, while weeding out campaigns that isn’t.
  • Campaign Execution, Monitoring & Optimization – Constant monitoring and optimization to achieve best ROI from your Social Media Campaigns.

With us, be assured of reaching your business goals

With us, be assured of reaching your business goals with Social media without much hassle, for our processes are simple yet comprehensive. Here is how we follow things around here.

  • Dedicated Social Media Campaign Management for your account
  • Design Social Media campaign strategies (both organic and paid) that suit your business needs
  • Develop content and advertising schedule
  • Campaign execution as per the calendar
  • Campaign monitoring and optimization on a daily basis
  • Reporting and Feedback

You are yet to get on with your social marketing campaigns? Or your current campaigns not yielding desired results? Talk to us! We can definitely help!


Social Media Management for Ecommerce industry

With an Ecommerce business, you spend loads of time and money in digital marketing, trying to get your website found and used by consumers. Are you happy with your results? To truly attract and retain customers to your Ecommerce website, you need to be strategically active on social media. Wisoft Solutions can help you build and manage your social media assets effectively.


Managing social media in higher education is a unique challenge. At first glance, you would speak to the students attending the school. But a higher education institution is more than that. It’s a community of students, educators, researchers and alumni. Let’s also not forget interacting with prospective students. Taking advantage of social media as another communications channel is a surefire way of reaching a good chunk of your audience. Wisoft Solutions can help you achieve this.


Social media is now a defining feature of the brand landscape for the financial services industry. If your organization doesn’t have a social media strategy, you’re ceding territory to competitors that you may never get back. Wisoft can help you create and implement a social media strategy in your financial services firm. We can also help you take control of your brand presence on social media, facilitate connections within your workforce, and improve the customer experience — all while staying compliant.


Social media has changed the way we travel. There’s no question about it — the travel landscape is changing. Social media is bringing travel inspiration and knowledge to the masses, and people are hungry for more. Social media has become the ultimate form of word of mouth marketing, and travel brands need to know how to leverage their audiences to connect with travelers and bring in business. Wisoft can help you improve brand awareness, engage in social conversations related to travel & hospitality and level up customer care.


Did you know a whopping 85 percent of manufacturers report using social media as a content marketing tactic? They are using platforms such as SlideShare, YouTube and Facebook to create inspirational and educational content that indirectly promotes their businesses. This marketing tactic initiates discussions among customers and prospects, which often results in sales. Want to up your organization’s digital marketing game? Contact us today.


Not many logistics companies use social media to build relationships among their logistics partners, but now with the increasing usage of social media, logistics companies are making efforts to leverage this medium to reinforce customer engagement, increase customer service and to reduce costs. The truth is, for now, current logistics companies’ social media focus has been localized only making a presence in the platform but with increasing customer demands and active use of social media for networking and collaboration, companies might increase customer loyalty, lower risks, improve efficiency and productivity, and deliver potential business opportunities. Wisoft can help you manage your social media assets effectively.


In an industry that’s as competitive as real estate, having a strong social media presence is essential to finding new home buyers. After all, real estate is about relationships. A strong social network helps establish brand identity and makes potential customers feel that the agent takes their job seriously. Real estate social media marketing just works. Wisoft can build and manage your social media assets effectively.


In the age of tweets, re-tweets and live updates, various businesses are contending to leverage the power of social media to grow their businesses. The healthcare industry has also joined the bandwagon. Get Chosen by More Patients, More Often. Social media is a huge opportunity you have to communicate with your patients, hear valuable feedback, and understand who these people are. By taking social media seriously and treating it with the level of analysis and thought it has proven it deserves, you have the power to understand your patients and cater to them in ways that were never before possible. Wisoft can help you manage your social media assets effectively.


Social media is one way to build buzz and attract customers to your new store. Almost all (91%) retailers use at least two social media channels, so that means there’s a lot of noise — and clutter — users have to cut through. With a few creative content ideas, strategic paid targeting, and tools to help you track your efforts, social media can be a huge asset to building buzz for your store. Wisoft can help you achieve this through a clear cut strategy framed by an expert social media management team in Dubai.