High-impact Real Estate Marketing Blueprint

An e-book on how to reach out potential clients by leveraging the internet and improve your online presence to have you selling properties in no time!

Book Preview

In the first edition of this e-book, we aim to inform and educate you about the basics of how you can leverage the internet to effectively reach out to clients, develop a bond with them, showcase your real estate business, and essentially sell properties.

The complete guide to real estate SEO and ranking on Google

  • A few best practices in SEO
  • How your potential leads use Google and what they search for
  • How Google chooses you to show up on their first page

How real estate developers or brokers can dominate with social media and increase sales

  • Best audience engaging practices
  • Having a complete profile
  • Creating premium content

How real estate developers can use programmatic advertising to intelligently target buyers

  • Demand-side platforms (DSP) and Data management platforms (DMP)
  • Real-time bidding and programmatic advertising
  • Ad exchanges, ad networks and private marketplaces


A half-an-hour read to give you everything you need to know about digital marketing for your real estate business.

About Wisoft Solutions

As a sought-after performance marketing agency in Dubai, we offer carefully crafted digital marketing, communication and branding services that can transform brands into winners. We also cater to brands, media agencies and enterprises in the Middle East and North African region (MENA), and across the world, for the best inbound marketing and SMS communication services.

We are known for good conversations and better strategies.


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