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Saji Nair

Founder & CEO

Saji Nair, the Founder and CEO of Wisoft Solutions, is a Digital marketing & communications professional with extensive experience in varied verticals of the industry including market analysis, product management and strategic alliance. With his ever-growing organic knowledge of the industry, Mr. Nair has masterfully combined his technical know-how with his well-networked presence in the industry to steadily grow from being a product manager to being in a prime leadership position over the years. His passion and commitment towards the industry along with team management and negotiation skills make him a valuable leader in the digital domain. He has carved a niche for himself in the Middle-East & African mobile industry for an array of Value Added Services (VAS). Currently, he is working towards building and fostering strategic partnerships to provide Wisoft Solutions a global presence.


His other interests include physical pursuits such as cricket and football, and intellectual ones such as world politics.

Sangeetha Saji

Managing Partner and Director of Operations

Sangeetha, the Managing Partner and Director of Operations at Wisoft Solutions, brings to the job her experience of 14 years as a techno-commercial professional. She has worked across diverse industries, especially building her expertise in Information Technology and the digital marketing sector. She works closely with multiple verticals in Wisoft Solutions to ensure their smooth functioning and management. She ensures that the deliverables are managed within specific deadlines by coordinating with the technical and marketing team for an end to end management.


In her spare time, Mrs. Sangeetha enjoys photography, travelling and listening to music. A family person, she always enjoys quality time with her loved ones.

Shishir Surendran

Business Development Manager

Shishir Surendran’s responsibilities as Business Development Manager at Wisoft Solutions include managing sales, building key customer relationships, identifying critical business opportunities and developing or maintaining new accounts for Wisoft across various verticals. His passionate involvement in business, has furthered implementations of strategic initiatives and revenue generation. Utilizing his negotiation skills and his sympathetic understanding of the client's business needs, Mr. Surendran has been able to build critical client relationships with key decision makers in the industry. His role in this equation is to respond to these needs by framing specific mobile strategies and engineering digital campaigns.


Mr. Surendran is a Business Development professional with a rich 7+ year of experience with global exposure in South East Asia and the Middle East. In his spare time Mr. Surendran enjoys travelling, watching movies and playing cricket.

Praveen Kumar

Digital & Performance Marketing Strategist

Mr. Praveen Kumar has over 6 years of experience in developing strategies in digital marketing. Holding a diverse array of interactions with global markets, he is invested in using creative methods to achieve end-to-end solutions in his field. His interest in internet marketing was sparked during the years of his adolescence, and he carried it forward to his professional years. His informed and passionate integration of technical expertise with consumer-centric approach has led to a sustained growth in customer base as well as revenue for Wisoft Solutions.


He combines the ability to ideate and manage a team such that delivering projects with complex business metrics is made possible. Mr. Kumar’s record shows his ability to increase customer satisfaction and optimize website performance. He possesses excellent interpersonal and presentation skills which help build successful and lasting client relationships.

He is also passionate about playing chess, playing the guitar and going on long drives with his wife.

Mathumuniasamy Sivan Pillai

Digital Marketing Manager

A passionate digital marketing expert with an overall of 9.4 years of experience whose specialties include team building and managing any digital marketing challenges. He is the backbone of our digital marketing team and acts as glue in keeping the team alive and kicking. In his vast years of experience, he is an expert in optimization, lead generation and team management. He is a certified professional in Google AdWords and Google Analytics. He also holds an inbound certification from Hubspot. He has a sharp eye in understanding and absorbing the trends and insights in the field of digital marketing that has allowed us to always stay ahead of the game in this very demanding and competitive field.


His hobbies include pampering and spoiling his daughter and listening to music.

Sindhu Sundaramurthi

Business Analyst

Ms. Sindhu's role as a Business Analyst in Wisoft Solutions is to provide clients with comprehensive business solutions through digital communications channels such as SMS, emails and mobile display ads. She is also responsible for building brand awareness, customer engagement and retention by constantly collaborating with them.


Ms. Sindhu's interests include travel, food and coffee. Unsurprisingly, she spends much of her time on websites such as Zomato and Lonely Planet.

Meenakshi Sundaram

General Accountant

Meenakshi Sundaram’s professional responsibility in Wisoft Solutions is to prepare asset, liability and capital account entries by putting together account information. Documenting financial transactions by entering account information, he recommends financial actions by analyzing accounting options and summarizing current financial status. He also prepares balance sheets, profit & loss statements and other financial reports. He has expertise in accounting software such as Tally ERP 9 and PACT.


Mr. Sundaram is an avid reader, a connoisseur of both poetry and novels. He is also interested in philately, and travelling.

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