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At Wisoft Solutions, a company offering comprehensive digital and SMS marketing services in Dubai, UAE, we believe that the means are as important as the end result. So we take tremendous care to define and outline the process using which we create winning digital marketing strategies for you every time. Our process is designed in such a way that it enhances lead generation and visibility. Read on to know the core aspects of the process we follow at Wisoft:

Research: Know thy customers


Being a reputed digital marketing agency in Dubai, we know the golden rule for winning the market: strike fast but strike right. Everything in marketing depends on knowing when, how and to whom your service or product is most relevant, and making a swift marketing move accordingly. This is not a one-time activity nor can it be executed in a hurry; it is one that requires continuous, rigorous and in-depth research.


Our expert analysts and lead generation specialists work with defined targets to build a rich database of relevant target customers to suit your specific needs. What’s more, we have experience working with all kinds of enterprises and big corporates to whom we have delivered high quality and refined market research. If you’re looking for the right start to your digital marketing drive, we suggest you employ experienced players who can get you off to a good start. We all know that well begun is half done!


Planning: Know thy resources


The goal of your marketing drive is to create stronger, more relevant relationship with your target customers and generate new leads. This can be achieved only if your customer profiles are studied and interpreted well. Imagine hoarding gigabytes of data without having the expertise to interpret and utilize it – that’ll be a marketing nightmare!


Through each of the hundreds of projects we’ve completed, we’ve sharpened a creative, logical, and effective means of understanding the market and using our resources to its potential. Beyond knowing whom to target and integrating market analysis into your plan, you also need to have comprehensive data on consumer behaviour over a period of time. Only then can your brand be better promoted to your target audience.


The key to the planning stage is defining the focus unambiguously, keeping constantly at it, and bringing together our different teams for creating a powerful strategy for your business. This multi-layered approach to planning has helped us become one of the best lead generation and digital marketing agencies in Dubai.


Competition: Know thy competitors


Knowing the customers makes one smart, but knowing the competitors makes one wise. The digital marketing world in Dubai and across the globe is a hugely competitive one. And we don’t really see competitors as foes because we understand that competition helps us keep alert and on our toes. Additionally, it helps increase market intelligence, thereby helping us to devise strategies that excel our competitors’.


We work in full awareness of market possibilities and the newest of practices, thanks to the fierce competition we face in our day-to-day operations. Our lead generation strategy begins with doing extensive homework to build a network, gathering domain knowledge, measuring competition, and optimizing technology to stay up-to-date and fresh. To remain ahead of the curve, we strive to bring our clients information, technology, and service which is cutting edge and relevant to their business.


Execution: Know thy method


Knowing our customers, resources, and competitors have made us smart, efficient and wise, but what really makes us an industry leader is our in-depth knowledge of the nitty-gritty of execution. We work with a methodical model to achieve our well-defined digital marketing and lead generation goals, but we never compromise on creativity and re-learning.


We know what your target customers like, how they like to hear about it, where we are likely to catch their attention and what is the best time to approach them. But that doesn’t stop us from experimenting with newer avenues of reaching out to them. We are enthusiastic about the possibilities offered by digital media, and we are ready to take a leap, but not before we take a long, hard look at the situation, of course!


Finally, we say, know thy technology because any service is only as strong as its service channel. With technological advancements happening at unprecedented rates, it is indeed essential that we learn, unlearn, and relearn every aspect of our technology. Execution will be clean, hassle-free and effective with this final commandment in place. To enhance your lead generation with a well-defined process, talk to us today.


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