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Medeor  case study

Medeor Case Study

About Medeor

Conveniently located in the heart of Dubai, Medeor 24x7 Hospital is a premium multispecialty hospital that offers the highest level of medical excellence alongside impeccable standards for patient care. This 70 bed hospital offers all major specialties and is well complemented by Centres of Excellence such as Mother & Child Care, Urology, Gastroenterology and Laparoscopic surgery.

Our handpicked medical experts are comprised of skilled general and specialty medical practitioners, nurses, technologists and support staff that have been associated with their respective specialties for more than 15+ years in combination with relevant experience in leading local, regional and international medical establishments. The hospital combines the latest advances in medicine with a truly remarkable and refreshing level of warmth and compassion of a family environment embedded with the professional expertise.



VPS Healthcare, an integrated Healthcare provider with network of hospitals, chain of medical centers, pharmaceutical manufacturing and pharmacy retail across the global healthcare arena. They would like to create awareness about cervical cancer & ways to identify it, treatments etc. Also they want to promote their brand & regular posting and social media management engage with relevant audience. Generate & increase traffic to the website

Services used for the project

There are many digital marketing services are available in the marketing. But for the customers like Medeor, need to strategize and find the right platform is really important. We are best in that. We @ Wisoft identifying the relevant platform that fulfill the client's needs. We have chosen the following tow platforms with respect to the client's objectives.

  • Desktop News Feed & Mobile News Feed - Engagement Campaign
  • Desktop News Feed & Mobile News Feed - Traffic Campaign
  • Desktop News Feed & Mobile News Feed - slideshow Video Ads Campaigns

Whether the chosen platform is worthful to the clients? Does it meet the client's expectations? See the results below.


Key Result

  • Launch Date of the Campaign – Jan 24th, 2017
  • Total Number of Likes to the Page – 34,384
  • Total Number of Reach – 658,456
  • Total Number of Engagement – 97,804
  • Total no of clicks to the Website – 50,800
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