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Marketing automation in Dubai, just like every other part of the world has been around for quite a while now. This refers to a category of technology that brands can use to streamline, automate and monitor and analyze marketing efforts and workflows, targeted at increasing ROI and general brand efficiency.

According to International Data Corporation, a market intelligence provider, the global market for Marketing Automation grew from $3.2 billion in 2010 to $4.8 billion in 2015. This figure keeps on increasing every year and Dubai, UAE is not left out of this statistics.


The benefits of Marketing Automation can never be overemphasized as it cuts across every aspect of marketing. It helps marketers organize their lead generation, segmentation, lead scoring, lead nurturing, up-sell, customer retention, and the general customer lifestyle. Though executing some of this marketing tasks might be possible in small brands with a small number of customers, the use of Marketing automation in medium and large scale brands is inevitable.


  • An Engagement Marketing Engine which creates, manages and automates all marketing processes across all channels.
  • An Analytic Engine which tests, measures and optimizes the ROI and impact of strategy on the revenue and
  • A Central Marketing Database which houses all marketing data, giving intelligence on where to make moderations in the marketing strategy.


Marketing Automation in Dubai has grown with the growing population in Dubai, which had a simultaneous effect on the growth of business in Dubai. These have enabled brands who adopted the technology on time survive the growth.


Wisoft help brands who don’t have the technical know-how required to run marketing automation. Our professionalism and in-depth knowledge and experience are leveraged on to give you the best result you can get from this unique marketing tool.


Having tested and identified the best marketing automation platforms for each business need, through our marketing automation software comparison, we give our clients only the best. We listen to your need and assist in developing a strategy stereotyped to your business.

We partner with Marketing Automation software agencies and we make sure we generate the right results for you. We attend to all scales of businesses as our clients are unique.


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What do we add to Marketing Automation?


Marketing Automation is a truly awesome platform, but it doesn’t drive itself. Wisoft Solutions will make your portal sing by performing all the following as required:



Content marketing

Content creation
Social media management

Lead generation

Landing page publishing
Call to action production
Conversion optimisation
Website development

Marketing automation

Personalised emails
Lead nurturing
Internal notifications
Measurement & reporting

Inbound sales

HubSpot CRM setup
CRM integration
Pipeline customisation
Sales enablement