2021: Integrating Social Media for Financial Marketing

Mar 7 2021 08:03:30 / By Saiyed Mehdi

Financial service providers and social media marketing agencies have always considered social media to increase brand awareness, user engagement, and reach out to new and existing clients. However, figuring out what to include in a social media content calendar can be quite a challenge. As different social platforms need different stories and posting frequencies to have the desired impact, content will need some variety to attract and retain an engaged target audience. Simply posting the same kind of content over and over again will get people bored very soon on social media.

Depending on the social media marketing goals and strategy, the nature, frequency and targeting, posts will often have to be tweaked and it is wise to have a list of diverse content ideas which can be leveraged to meet specific marketing goals and objectives. Mentioned below are a few content ideas applied by social media marketing agencies in Dubai for financial services providers to break the ice and build awareness among customers, and develop trust and confidence to become brand loyals.

Company Updates

The most obvious ideas and perhaps one of the most common ways financial service providers use social media is to share company updates. Whether you’ve just launched your new product online, held an exciting real-world event or participated in a cutting-edge conclave, the right way to begin or revive your social media content is by sharing it on Facebook, Twitter and other social profiles. Such posts add a personal touch and human warmth to the brand, especially with photographs or videos.

Surveys & Polls

Polls are always an interesting way to know your audience’s opinion and feedback on a particular topic or product. Brands could ask them users to take part in a quick survey by having a link to a quiz created on a platform like SurveyMonkey, or, through platforms like Facebook where there are in-built tools that allow users to participate in polls quickly, and easily (without having to leave the platform).

Event Invitations

Build awareness by inviting customers to exciting new events or upcoming seminars. Promoting similar activities and events on social media can help your increase existing user engagement and new followers, by boosting sign-ups or branch-visits through a compelling invitation/call-to-action.

Tags & Shout outs

Most often, people do not appreciate being tagged on public posts and promoted content. However, as a financial planner or adviser, there are certain occasions when a shout out can work wonders, especially if your follower(s) shares an interesting article about you, or when you share the link and publicly thank and acknowledge the follower. Shout outs can also be given to new office joinees and interns as a fun way for customers to know about new faces and the team on social media.

Local/Online Recommendations

Social media marketing agencies in Dubai have made it a practice to share exciting news, events and information that your followers could benefit from. This could be a great book on investing or pension planning which could help your followers start a new investment or improve their savings habit. Providing a quick summary with the link to the specific resource on social media is another great way to engage people and offer value.

Though Leadership Articles

Develop thought leadership articles on your blog or affiliate websites to build your position as a financial expert with in-depth knowledge of the market and the latest trends. While many financial planners do indeed share similar content, it is more often a question of the quality of the message than the messenger. Offering informative and though provoking content on social media, can help open up new avenues to drive website traffic and reach more people like to engage with your brand.

Promote Your Sales Pitch

It is a well-known fact that 80% of your posts should be customer-centric content developed to build engagement and user delight. That said, every now and then, brands should promote services and products through a direct sales pitch. If people have become accustomed to hearing from you about higher interest on savings or other topics of value, they will be more receptive to this kind of topics.

Share Testimonials & User Stories

Great news is always worth sharing and what better news to share than that great client testimonial on your website, especially one which is developed in a video format. People love a good story with emotional undertokayones and quite often such stories make many people stop scrolling through their news feed if they see a strong headline about the topic such as “John investment story that helped him save his home” or “How Jenna Retired at 55”, accompanied by a great image, video or description.

Partner with the Right Minds

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