How Businesses can attract Millennials using Digital

Nov 16 2020 01:11:58 / By Wisoft Solutions

There is hardly any method more superior than social media to reach the millennial audience, however, there has been a lot of talk on what the best strategy is to attract this demographic.

Ever since millennials have started using social media as a singular hub for all their routine needs, several brands have new perspectives on social media, and they no longer treat it like any other medium of communication. Due to the massive increase of social media users, brands have started using special strategies after analyzing the patterns and behavior of consumers, and social media has become a dedicated channel for sales and digital marketing.

One of the most important segments is the millennial generation as this segment falls perfectly into the one with users who dedicate the maximum amount of time to social media. Research has shown that the two most popular social media platforms are Instagram and Facebook.

The following are 5 excellent strategies that you can use to start engaging millennials with your digital marketing.

Influencers make an impact

Influencer marketing is a paid form of social media marketing that has proven to be exceptionally effective as a part of an online marketing campaign targeted at millennials. Influencers are popular content creators who have a sizable fanbase that constantly consumes their content on social media. Paying the right kind of influencer to promote your brand can have a huge impact on your sales numbers. Influencers can also ask their followers to start a conversation about the post and share it with others. For instance, if your brand is primarily centered around headphones and other listening devices, you can try and look for a popular musician or artist on social media. These influencers will have a community of music-lovers who would gladly buy your product if it is endorsed by their idols on social media.

Authenticity matters to millennials

Earlier, an excellent ad with eye-grabbing one-liners was ideal to boost sales. However, millennials aren’t swayed by such tactics. They tend to buy products from brands that they connect with, or believe in. If you can show millennials that your moral values and ethics align with their values, you will immediately get tremendous support for your brand. At the heart of everything, they primarily care that brands are genuine. Making donations to charities and social causes is a great way to showcase this.

Cater to the need for instant gratification

Millennials are used to getting everything they need extremely quickly. They want to be satisfied immediately at all times. Knowing this can help you tap into an excellent way to build your brand and connect with millennials. By having immediate responses on social media platforms, you show millennials that they matter, and this builds trust. Fun and quirky responses to comments are also a great way to stand out from the crowd. The best part is that you have a constant influx of feedback and data that allows you to deeply understand what the customers truly want. Dedicating some time and effort towards this is a surefire way to grow any business.

Memify your message to target millennials

Memes are generally seen as silly and cheap forms of content compared to more formal advertisements. However, nothing can be further from the truth. Millennials find memes very relatable and are much more likely to spend their time looking at funny memes rather than advertisements that are aggressively pushed by brands. With the right context, tone, and humor, a meme can convey a lighthearted message to consumers. It is important to understand that ‘meme marketing’ will not be effective by itself. It has to be coupled with good product placement and other forms of online marketing. When done right, meme marketing can make you seem much trendier than your competitors.

Explore more with user-generated content

Although paid social media advertisements seem to be the most effective solution to most millennial-targeted social media campaigns, brands tend to overspend on social media marketing. There are several other channels that can produce nearly the same degree of return on investment. User-generated content (UGC) is one of these techniques. Ranging from simple text to elaborate video reviews, UGC encompasses a wide range of content. When users who are not directly affiliated with your company choose to share their experience with your product, it adds an unparalleled amount of value to your brand. Furthermore, you can manually look for UGC related to your company and repost it to your own social media page or channel.

Final thoughts

Millennials form one of the most critical groups that marketers should target, and it can be hard to understand how to go about doing that. With extensive experience, subject-matter expertise and global exposure, Wisoft Solutions is fully capable of formulating fresh and innovative strategies for marketers to enhance brand presence and offer great ways to approach and engage with millennials. Our KPI-focused digital marketing strategies can help achieve organizational goals by effectively converting millennial users into loyal fans and advocates of your brand.

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