Digital To Dominate Real Estate Marketing

Jan 21 2021 05:01:34 / By Saiyed Mehdi

As the world is reeling from the impact of 2020, digital tools and technologies have transformed the way businesses and industries operate. While many are back on track and slowly making progress, the same cannot be said true for the real estate industry.

Especially since most potential real estate buyers are overseas residents or working professionals who don’t have time to check out properties, real estate developers, agents and investors are adopting new ways to reach out to them while at home, work or play. Here are a few simple and effective digital strategies that can help revive the real estate industry as we step into a new year.

Localise and Socialize

Share great property photos on Instagram while making sure to highlight interiors, promos and perks, proximity to the city center, and exclusive value add-ons. Leverage Facebook marketplace to list properties in order to build an audience and connect with relevant users. Explore and experiment with other visual delivery platforms such as Twitter, Pinterest, and Google My Business.

Build Your Online Experience

Check and upgrade your website, in order to attract traffic as well as to fit the needs and changing consumption behaviors of internet users. Include more photos and write blogs about tips on purchasing a new house or property. Build recent, relevant and reliable content to improve rankings on Google search so that your site pops up right after the user query. Optimize site for improved mobile load speed and responsiveness on different screen sizes.

Ensure End-to-End Integration

Get traffic to your website via social media and vice versa. Make sure to place social media buttons while developing or upgrading your website. Remember to provide links for any and all blogs that have been posted on own website or affiliate networks.

Be Reachable, Anytime, Anywhere

Digital technology has made it possible to connect with a company, an agency, or a person in real-time. Hence, it is imperative to be available to answer queries from potential customers at frequent intervals. The more responsive you are, the more responses it will create about your products and services. Even in the digital age, word of mouth is still the primary influencer, and having sale-based incentives or promos for social media users can make them share the news with friends and others.

Spread the Kind Words

Interview and feature clients, patrons, and partners in your digital marketing channels to share their experiences during the transition. Showcase empowering testimonials and inspiring relationships that highlight your commitment to service quality and delightful delivery. 

Craft Compelling Visual Stories

Produce compelling photos with the help of a professional photographer by capturing every nook and corner of the housing unit and property. Since a picture speaks a thousand words, it is necessary to ensure that the photographer comes with credibility and recognition for bringing out the best out of every property and project, while clearly highlighting the selling points.

Offer Immersive Virtual Experience  

Since a lot of people don’t get the chance to personally check the property or housing unit, providing a virtual tour to help potential buyers explore the property can significantly improve user experience and increase the number of conversions. Ensure to start with a good quality video, paired with good background music and taken at the right angles. Use drones to take aerial shots of the property and highlight exclusive amenities as well as the appealing aesthetics.

Automate Support with Chatbots

Although, Chatbots existed much before virtual reality, it has been increasingly taking the spotlight in the recent years, integrated as online customer support by global businesses. Today, several messaging apps are using bots to promote products and services, while providing a personalized customer experience by delivering quick and accurate information based on user query.

Get Local with Vernacular

Publish property details and provide customer support in vernacular languages to engage regional language speakers. Be it Search or Social Marketing multi lingual ads evokes an emotional connect with potential clients and offer a personal edge to your brand.

Be the King of Content Marketing

Develop and implement a content strategy to provide value to potential customers and enthusiasts so as to infuse thought leadership, and gain subscribers and followers. Research on content marketing ideas for real estate, and find ways to represent information that will help entertain, educate and enable users to take informed decisions.

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