Charting Your E-commerce Growth Plan

Jul 4 2021 06:07:00 / By Saiyed Mehdi

It can seem intimidating to be the owner of a startup online brand when there are nearly 24 million e-commerce sites across the world. Going by these numbers alone, it is evident that when it comes to digital marketing in Dubai – the demand for e-commerce is huge. The best strategy for your brand to stand out among the competition is to look a little deeper into the market and find a space that’s waiting to be filled. Consumers desire continuous change in the way they shop online, and your brand may be able to meet those needs. A brand can carve its own niche by having unique perspectives in communication online, solving problems for consumers, and delivering a seamless experience.  In this article, we talk about how your e-commerce startup can chart out a digital growth plan and scale up the business, with a little bit of work.

Before the Launch

Before stepping into the waters, it is absolutely necessary to create hype around your brand. A prelaunch campaign generates awareness about your brand in the market and is an absolute must-have. It allows you to test the market and change marketing plans for the future. This way the real work begins way before the product is released into the market. And while in the digital era it is possible for you as the owner to take full charge of your marketing plans, the burden may be huge. As one of the top digital marketing agencies in Dubai, Wisoft is teamed with insights that your brand needs to be in a position of advantage, and can integrate it into every part of your business. If done right a prelaunch can create the right tone for a successful launch.

Does Your Brand Solve Problems?

The most important aspect of a good marketing plan is to have a unique product in the first place. Perhaps your product is good and has some interesting design, but is a customer searching for you if you have not offered anything different from a competitor brand? Does a customer need to consider your brand if it doesn’t solve an existing issue they face with other brands? A good place to begin understanding this question is by analyzing extensive data and patterns in the market. Wisoft Digital marketing expertise can step in to offer customer research and competitive benchmarking that can help your brand refine its positioning.

Strong SEO Game

Though SEO takes time to show results, it cannot be ignored. SEO is an industry best practice for e-commerce sites. Without good keyword identification and utilization, your brand will have to rely solely on expensive paid ads that can be unprofitable. Look for certain keywords that receive high search volumes and tactfully use these to create blogs and content across the website. Generally, people use long-tail keywords to look for answers on Google.  If the content on your website resolves those questions, then users will also arrive at your site and add value to a user’s experience. Solving queries make your brand appear helpful and it could convert into a potential transaction as well. 

Content Strategy

  • Choose social media channels wisely: Social media sites are where we can build a community of followers and buyers. It’s easy to communicate and receive real-time feedback from consumers. But it’s also easy to get wound up in an array of social media apps out there. It can become quite the task to constantly update so many platforms, and it may not be needed for your brand to be present on all of them.
  • User generated content: If you’re looking for unique content to engage consumers, look no further than your own community of followers. Host contest for user-generated contests, take polls, and perform social listening. This will tell you what’s working for the audience and what’s not. Consumers use social media to meet people and share their interests, and the users themselves can give you the cues to what they want to see.
  • Instructional content: Customers are looking for things to learn and information they were unaware of, and e-commerce brands can also use this to their advantage. Offer how-to content that engages the audience with your product and its uses. The audience loves to engage with videos and visuals so remember to include a few of those in the mix
  • Collaborate with influencers: This is a tried and tested model for new brands to build an online reputation. Find high-quality, genuine influencers within your segment to build trust with potential customers
  • Collaborating with other brands also helps your brand become visible to its followers.

Enhancing Customer Experiences

Every brand has to strive to earn the trust of the ever-shifting shopper. As a Digital marketing agency in Dubai with over a decade of experience, we recommend solving these pain-points with priority when meeting consumers online:

  • We are all social beings and sometimes what others think actually matters to us. Displaying customer reviews, both good and bad, gives new customers a personal insight into the reality of your brand. This adds credibility points that can go a long way in attracting customers
  • This includes having popular payment options that add convenience to the checkout process
  • Ensure you offer flexible shipping options, and here we can learn from big players Like Amazon how to best do it.  Use low-cost regional services for cost-effective shipping solutions. Offer free shipping on minimum order and standard deliveries, and charge consumers a premium for time-specific deliveries
  • As online shoppers, our second thoughts before placing an order stems from the return policy of the site. If the brand doesn’t offer reassuring returns and refunds, customers simply won’t buy. Offering an easy return pick-up strengthens the bond because the customer would have had a truly hassle-free shopping experience
  • And above all, ensure that your customer service is a dedicated and robust team, ready to solve any issue along the buying journey.

In Conclusion

These are some checkpoints to go with before you launch your product in the market. There are always consumers looking for better solutions in the market and e-commerce offers several possibilities for your brand to be in the right place at the right time. If you find all this a bit overwhelming, you can always reach out to us to get the perfect plan to make your startup the next big thing in the e-commerce space.