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We are a bunch of people with some crazy ideas and brilliant minds that challenge conviction

To us our team is priceless

Our team is the best and we know it, so obviously we do everything in our power to treasure it.

Our workspace is far from being conventional. It is designed to be an energizing set up; an environment that encourages peer learning and individual thoughts and ideation. Our team can soak up the benefits and perks on the job, be it through social activities or learning opportunities. Yes, getting the job done and well are our key goals, but we don’t believe in creating a restrictive environment. Be assured that at Wisoft, your passion for excellence will have a free reign.

Together we get the job done, the fun way

Our team works for excellence while at the same time, takes time off to decompress and unwind. We work hard together, we share fun together, we brainstorm nonstop together and we celebrate every win together. We take pride in a work culture where we nourish one another and cherish teamwork.

We appreciate you and your ideas

At Wisoft, we help our employees to bring out their best. We give our people the freedom to take ownership of their tasks, bring in their personal touch, think of out-the-box and focus on the mission by increasing efficiency and freeing up time both at the office and away from it.

We are passionate

We are passionate about creating innovations in the field of digital and SMS marketing. We are also passionate about shaping a good work culture that creates a community of smart marketing professionals who are resourceful, innovative and deeply committed to professional ethics.


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