2021: SEO Best Practices to Improve Healthcare Practice

Feb 28 2021 09:02:00 / By Saiyed Mehdi

SEO for healthcare providers is fast gaining prominence now more than ever because of the seismic shift toward localization, blurring the lines of difference between a small or global service provider. Today, SEO agencies with proper knowledge, the right digital marketing expertise, along with time and consistency, can not only help you show up in the Google local-ready search but can even help you reach right at the top.

The below list of SEO tips includes best practices and quality processes followed by leading SEO agencies in Dubai that can help healthcare practitioners and hospitals increase search results, get new calls, website visits, and direction requests.

1. It all Starts with the Website Design

Before looking at other points, to build a solid local SEO for physicians, be it yourself or with the help of SEO agencies, it is necessary to correct and update practice website design and the accuracy of content. Include a dedicated contact page that contains NAP (name, address, phone) contact details that will be uniformly used on the contact page of your website along with all listings and reviews sites.

2. Online Reviews to Lead SEO Forward

Be it a leading SEO agency or healthcare provider, having the right reviews/testimonials page on your website can further help augment the SEO efforts for medical practices and help rank first on Google. Also, as practiced by some of the top SEO companies in Dubai, showcase “first party” reviews, collected directly from people who have visited the practice and third-party reviews, which are pulled off sites like Facebook, Google & Yelp. This is because the SEO agencies know that in Google’s eyes, reviews signify page rank hence it is imperative to have the same placed on the website.

3. Claim the Provider Google My Business Listings

Claim, verify and update your listing or create a listing to rank first on Google as a physician or a healthcare enterprise. It is critical to be proactive with SEO for medical practices as Google automates most of the creation, and it is unwise to give people incorrect information. After setting up or claiming the listing, make sure to take the time to complete the verification process to get your updates live on Google and unlock critical analytics with assistance from top SEO agencies in Dubai such as Wisoft.

4. Create a Practice Facebook Business Page

9/10 times, when a user does a quick search of an expert or practice provider, it is their Facebook page that will be one of the highest-ranked listings on the first page. Facebook has ultimate clout in search ranking, and most SEO agencies in Dubai know that not having a practice Facebook page will cost much in gaining the visibility.

5. Claim Third Party Reviews and Listings Profiles

Additional listings and reviews directories should also be claimed, verified and completed using the same NAP information used above. Uniformity is key in all things medical SEO related as Google ranks your practice higher in search queries if it has a slew of information confirming the accuracy of details, starting with essential listings to the lesser-known yet still critical provider listings platforms.

6. Start with Video Content

A powerful way to increase engagement and develop a know, like, and trust relationship with your potential patients is through videos. As patients increasingly take the research process into their own hands, adding videos into your blog posts help increase on-page time, which is a critical ranking factor.

7. Extend Research for Local Medical SEO

Keywords form the backbone of medical and all other website SEO for that matter. With the help of SEO agencies or utilizing the resources available on the web to do keyword research helps you gain insights into search volume, backlinks, top pages and much more. Use keywords as section titles on the page you are creating on specific topics and include long-tail related keywords in the page to make it more well-rounded and help Google will grade your content and rank it up in searches and topics.

8. Solicit New Patient Reviews on Google

Reviews are one of the most important ranking signals for Google (and the primary focus for SEO agencies while performing SEO in UAE), and often displayed in the Google snippet results near the top with star-rated patient reviews. Reviews make up 40% of local search ranking signals so they matter a lot as it is considered social proof that says other similar consumers in a given area have enjoyed the services at your practice so Google will show other people the same medical practice’s search result.

9. Keep SEO Active with Content Marketing

Whether you are an SEO agency in Dubai or an independent healthcare service provider, content is always king when it comes to search engine optimization. While most providers think of blog posts when it comes to healthcare content marketing, it is only one of the most common types of content marketing among 50+ types of content including medical podcasts, videos, graphics, and much more. Having the right blend of multiple media works the best as different patients prefer to consume their content by various means.

10. Backlinks Your Expertise for Medical SEO

Backlinking is essential to get any medical practice ranking first on Google. Backlinks are created when one website links to another and serves as additional validation that another trusted website or source is suggesting a specific practice or service provider based on their quality and credibility.

The Final Takeaway

The above primer will help physicians and healthcare enterprises perform effective SEO in UAE to be on the path to search engine success. Claiming listings, properly structuring data within the website and getting relevant reviews help increase website traffic, phone calls and overall new patient lead generation for the practice. If the process seems a little overwhelming to you, then we at Wisoft Solutions can help you perform an SEO evaluation to review and find out exactly how your practice is performing and how you could improve your ranking and website traffic to get more bookings.