Oct 21 2021 06:10:41 / By Saiyed Mehdi

In a world where we constantly interact with technology, there is one paradigm that can enhance our experience further. That paradigm is artificial intelligence. As businesses emerge into a new world post-pandemic, there is a critical need for marketing. A lot of businesses, small and big have suffered losses and setbacks due to the pandemic. One of the ways they will be able to regain their losses is through the help of artificial intelligence.

As a company dedicated to helping businesses find their footing and expand their horizons, we at Wisoft are constantly looking to innovate and challenge ourselves. We believe that incorporating artificial intelligence in content marketing is the next step. So how can we employ the use of artificial intelligence towards content marketing and how does AI technology represent the next breakthrough in marketing? This article will answer all your questions.

Being one of the leading brands in Content Marketing Management, we use the cutting edge in technology to enhance, empower and enable our clients. The utility of AI is simply unparalleled. In this article, we will help you understand the significance, its usage in marketing, and describe the various avenues where you can apply AI to your business.

The significance of Artificial Intelligence

In the natural course of technological evolution, artificial intelligence represents the next step. It will be used by virtually every entity as time progresses and we believe businesses must get in on AI. The Use of artificial intelligence in today’s world might not be visible to the untrained eye. However, upon closer inspection, you will be able to discern the differences and notice how AI has seeped into almost every aspect of our life.

From our smart phones and virtual assistants to the very search engine we use in our daily lives, AI is ubiquitous. The sheer length and breadth of AI technology today cannot be underestimated. It is only natural that even in fields such as content marketing management AI becomes a recourse. While you might be under the impression that AI’s usage in content marketing management is nuanced; it is not. It has seeped into virtually every corner of content marketing and you will be surprised to learn its influence. The following section will explain how it helps in marketing and will detail the various ways you can use AI to optimize your content marketing management strategy.

How AI helps in marketing?

AI’s utility in the modern world is very powerful. Marketers today seamlessly use AI to understand vast data sets and deliver a superb customer experience. It also helps generate and sift through good content in a flash.

AI represents the closest form of the human brain we have in today’s world. It can be used to mimic the human brain in two aspects, problem-solving and learning. AI is being used at a broader level, where it helps streamline when content gets overloaded. As the internet receives a constant pour of content it is necessary to stay on top of it. Search engines have ever-changing rules, blog posts have increased in length, and your web page needs to be hyper-focused to show up on searches. The use of artificial intelligence in content marketing management is quite prominent. To help you understand better, we will describe the usage of AI technology in detail.

Navigating the changing landscape of content marketing

The advance of machine learning and artificial intelligence is so great that there is a chance you will have read an article written entirely by an AI engine without realizing it. Machine learning is so advanced these days that you can generate basic stories and content for stocks and sports without any human input. A lot of major news sites such as Yahoo and Fox have been using Ai to develop content for years.

Through the use of artificial intelligence, businesses will be able to constantly produce quality information regularly. The power of AI technology can help businesses get the exposure they need to reach potential clients. They take the burden off you in terms of creating content and can help you upscale other aspects of Content Marketing Management.

The rise of chatbots

One of the most interesting use cases of AI is that in chatbots. These are programs that are designed to mimic human conversation. They can help businesses save valuable manpower by replacing a support team. Chatbots can carry out conversations that are similar to human conversations. This can be used to answer queries, solve problems, and address concerns in real-time. A lot of companies use this to book appointments, car rides, and handle issues.

By the Use of artificial intelligence, companies can effectively deploy modules such as chatbots to assist them in their marketing. Businesses can use AI technology and even customize their chatbots to serve a very specific purpose. For service-based businesses using chatbots is a key factor in all their Content Marketing Management.

Customizing news feeds through machine learning

This is perhaps the best example of using machine learning in the modern world. While there are many ways to display the effective use of artificial intelligence there is nothing better than quoting the example of customized news feeds. Social media brands such as Facebook and Instagram use algorithms to understand user behaviour and stream curated content to their screens. This is the finest use case of AI technology.

How can businesses leverage this? Quite simply, marketers can understand which content appeals to users and thereby make similar content for their consumer base. Knowing which ads your potential customers prefer is key in Content Marketing Management.

Curating content

The key to any business’ potential online is to have a robust content creation team. Content creation is making blogs, articles, and posts for social media. The key to surviving online is to constantly churn out content. While using AI technology to produce content might not be the best idea, you can use various AI-based tools that can predict trends and help understand what type of content appeals to the masses.

Through the use of artificial intelligence-based tools, you will be able to generate relevant content. There are various AI tools that businesses should incorporate in their Content Marketing Management strategy.

Improving customer experience

One of the key innovations that come along with constantly using AI is finding new use cases. Intelligent Assistance is one of the new avenues of using AI. The idea is to create AI models and chatbots that can enhance user experience. This can be done by the use of artificial intelligence specifically by creating a program that aims to learn more about the consumer.

By customizing their experience and learning more about them, you will be able to leverage AI technology and stand out among a sea of digital businesses. If your business is looking for that edge, it is time to look into Intelligent Assistance and utilize any aspect of it for your Content Marketing Management plan.


The above use cases demonstrate how effectively businesses make use of artificial intelligence. It is so widely used that businesses are flocking towards AI technology solutions. It is imperative that businesses effectively utilize AI-based solutions for their Content Marketing Management in order to make the most of their resources and maximise ROIs, while staying in tune with the changing times.