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Affiliate Marketing

The digital space is becoming more and more crammed with businesses striving to reach greater heights of success. As a result, business owners are actively looking for newer models and forms of marketing and sales. Affiliate marketing is one such marketing model, best known for its ability to promote business, sell products as well as services, and increase monetization, especially when you are working on a budget.

A marketing strategy with easy-to-track results

First things first – what is affiliate marketing and how does it help businesses? At its heart, affiliate marketing is a form of indirect marketing that blends advertising and strategies in the right proportion to help firms expand their business horizons in the online space. This form of marketing not only helps companies get higher ROI but also to promote their services in a channelized manner. More importantly, affiliate marketing fulfils one of the cardinal goals of digital marketing by driving quality ‘organic’ traffic to online platforms.

Affiliate marketing: The four key roles

The four key roles in affiliate marketing are defined as:

Pay only when you get quality leads – didn’t we tell you, it is for the ones with a budget!

The marketing team at Wisoft, Dubai understands that a business thrives when marketing metrics are right. The goal of any promotional activity is to get lower CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost) and a higher percentage of MOC (marketing originated customers). Our affiliate marketing mechanism works on “pay-per-performance” mode, as it is a commission based arrangement. That is to say, the merchants pay the publisher only when they get prospective customers to the intended online platform.

Increase your profit multi-fold by spending less

Best known for their measurable results and profit potential, affiliate marketing strategies keep evolving to produce higher ROI. Success rates in this form of marketing are primarily dependent on building the right relationships with potential publishers or affiliates. Being a leading affiliate marketing agency in Dubai, we adopt promotional strategies through popular media channels to help you:

Did you know a well-run affiliate program can assure you an increment in sales by 10% or more?

Why choose Wisoft solutions

At Wisoft, a reputed affiliate marketing agency in Dubai, we house a team of highly experienced affiliate marketing talents who possess the know-how of recruiting right affiliates and have been doing so across multiple platforms. Our affiliate marketing team in Dubai not just actively recruit but also constantly seek out to strengthen relationships with the best performing partners so that clients steadily benefit through higher returns.

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