10 SMS Marketing Strategies For Ecommerce 2023

Mar 29 2023 01:03:50 / By Wisoft

While technology continues to evolve on a day-to-day basis, we are still reliant on trusted systems. When we think of mobile phones, we think of calls and texts. The latter of which still holds immense significance.

Text messages, while reducing in utility, have still not gone out of style. We receive a lot of key information through text messages and statistics prove that even in 2023, you are more than 98% more likely to open a text message. 

This is why SMS marketing strategies still hold a place in modern digital marketing. Businesses must take every avenue possible and SMS represents an easy and convenient route. Especially if your business is online, SMS marketing strategies for eCommerce can work wonders.  Therefore, if your business is already not attuned to SMS marketing services it is not too late to start right away. But before we dive in detail, let us first look at some of the frequently asked questions that businesses might have when getting started with SMS marketing.

Some FAQs on SMS Marketing Strategies 

Before we dive head first, let’s take a look at some Frequently Asked Questions on SMS Marketing Strategies.  

What is SMS marketing strategy?

In simple terms, when companies and businesses use SMSs to communicate offers that are time sensitive and send customers updates and alerts, that can be categorized as SMS marketing strategies. The users who receive these messages consent to them. 

How can I promote my SMS marketing?

SMS marketing itself is a way of promoting it. You will push products, services, and offers through SMS marketing. By using various SMS marketing strategies for eCommerce you can optimize the route so that it works in your favor.

What are the types of SMS marketing?

Personalized text messages, promotions, loyalty programs, and alerts and notifications are just some of the types of SMS marketing services. 

Does SMS marketing actually work?

Yes, since it has a very high rate of opening and interaction, it works incredibly well. What’s more, numbers dictate that more than 48 million people have opted in to receive SMS from a business. This is why SMS marketing strategies should form a part of your digital marketing strategy.

How to use SMS marketing for eCommerce?

Well, SMS marketing strategies for eCommerce are rather simple to apply and we will discuss them in the section below.  

What is SMS marketing eCommerce?

When we use SMS marketing to push a product or a service and include offers and promotions, it is termed as a part of SMS marketing services

How can I market through SMS?

By applying one of the myriads of strategies of combining them to get the best route for your business you will be able to maximize SMS marketing strategies. 

How do I use SMS marketing to increase sales?

By optimizing SMS marketing strategies for eCommerce, you can gather insights and personally target potential customers, ensuring that they make a purchase. These things will help you increase sales.  


So now that some of the questions have been answered, let’s take a look at some strategies. Now, these aren’t concrete strategies and you will have to combine them to find which one works best for your business.  

1. Automate

One of the easiest ways to ensure that eCommerce businesses have a line of communication with all customers is to automate the process. Customers want to know what happened to their order. Order confirmation, shipping progress, and delivery updates help customers stay connected. This also helps build trust. So when you ask for a review a few weeks later, they will happily oblige. By automating your SMS marketing strategy, you will be able to connect better.   2. Referral programs  If you wish to continue expansion, consider referral programs. Giving your existing customers an incentive to share your eCommerce more allows you to reap the benefits more. Sure, the customers get an incentive, but your business gets an additional phone number and a potential new customer. 

3. Cart abandonment 

If a user abandons their cart and you happen to have their phone number, you can send them a personalized text and even give them the offer to sweeten the deal. This way both parties get what they want. 

4. Instructions to opt-out 

While it is important to be promoting and marketing your business in whatever way you can, giving users a way out is also necessary. It makes them feel wanted. And if in any case, they have purchased products or used your services, they will come back. 

5. Identify yourself 

Identifying yourself as the business that is sending your customers the message is key. Oftentimes, if you are using SMS marketing your message will come from randomized numbers. It is important to identify yourself in the first few lines so that your customers do not get confused.  

6. Timing 

Timing is everything. You want your customers to receive your messages in a time period when they are most likely to be on their phones. Ensure that your messages go out during the day and not in the middle of the night when you are likely to be disturbing customers. 

7. Offer incentives

The best way to lure in customers is by offering incentives. One of the ways SMS marketing succeeds over traditional forms is due to the fact that it offers incentives directly to customers. By doing this, businesses are directly giving them rewards and encouraging them to spend. 

8. Character limit

Messages unlike emails can be taxing to read. Hence it is always advisable to stick to the character limit. By doing that, you are keeping the reader engaged and their focus will be on your message.    

9. Sense of urgency 

By including a time limit for your offers and promotions, you are creating a sense of urgency. This makes the customer take initiative and respond faster. 

10. Ask questions and send surveys 

By taking surveys and asking questions you are opening dialogue with your customer. When you get results you will be able to apply them better. You should also post the results to give them more perspective.  


In conclusion, the aforementioned strategies are not meant to be used separately. They work best when combined with each other to create a holistic approach that will help your business get the traction it needs. SMS marketing strategies require nuance and understanding of eCommerce. Through careful usage of these methods, you will be able to find new customers and retain old ones better and faster.